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A brown and white horse standing on its own in the middle of a field.

Can You Give CBD to Horses?

Whether your horse is suffering from arthritis pain or gastric ulcer, they must be in very much pain. Pet owners usually opt for medical options, which are expensive and come with the risk of side effects. On the other hand, a naturally occurring compound, CBD, is trending with big displays in pharmacies, supermarkets, and stores for its several potential health benefitsIt is said that the CBD compound is beneficial for both humans and animals. So, whether you are a skeptic or advocate, it’s worth giving CBD a shot for your horse’s wellness. In this article, we explain what CBD is, how it works, and its benefits for horses. So, let’s begin!  

What Is CBD? 

CBD is short for cannabidiol. It is one of the many active chemical compounds present in the Cannabis sativa plant known as cannabinoids. Although both marijuana and hemp plants come from the cannabis genus, both are entirely different from each other. The hemp plant contains less than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and is legal in most of America. Marijuana, on the other hand, has a significant amount of THC – a compound that consists of psychoactive properties and gets you high.  

Therefore, one must always use hemp-derived CBD for maximum benefits without experiencing any euphoric sensation or side effects. CBD offers several potential health benefits for both human beings and pets, including cats, dogs, and horses.  

What Ithe Endocannabinoid System?  

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is a signaling system present in human beings and some animals, including horses. The ECS ensures to keep the body at homeostasis by maintaining all the functions, so the body is in stable condition.  

CBD and other cannabinoids are responsible for the activation of ECS. Both kinds of cannabinoids which are supplied to the body (exogenous) and those produced by the body (endogenous), work primarily for endocannabinoid receptors, stimulating and balancing several functions. 

The two main cell receptors are CB1 and CB2 receptors: 

  • CB1 receptors are primarily found in the brain and central nervous system. These receptors have a significant effect on areas like memory, appetite regulation, and emotions.  
  • CB2 receptors exist in the peripheral nervous system (nerve cells outside the spinal cord and brain), gastrointestinal tract, and modulate immune cell functions. These receptors are mainly responsible for reducing inflammation.  

The body produces cannabinoids when required and destroys them later. On the other hand, exogenous cannabinoid may help the ECS work harder to help humans and animals with the following health problems: 

  • Depression and anxiety  
  • Pain and inflammation  
  • Insulin resistance/metabolic syndrome  
  • Obesity/leptin resistance/increased appetite  
  • Digestive disturbances/colitis/ulcers  
  • Autoimmune diseases and immune deficiencies  
  • Insomnia  

      Health Benefits of CBD for Horses  

      CBD may have many positive impacts on horses, just like it might have on human beings. Primarily, CBD helps regulate the ECS and improves overall wellbeing. Following are some of the potential benefits of CBD for horses: 

      May Reduce Anxiety and Stress  

      Humans are not the only living things that suffer from stress and anxiety; some animals also face the same problem. These issues are especially problematic before transportation. human study shows that CBD may have a calming effect and may help reduce anxiety. Since animals and human beings have a similar Endocannabinoid Systems, CBD may be useful for reducing stress and anxiety in horses as well.  

      Could Help with Inflammation  

      As horses grow older, they suffer from multiple inflammatory problems, such as desmitis, arthritis, and laminitis.  

      Desmitis is the inflammation of the ligaments, laminitis is the inflammation of sensitive layers of tissues (laminae) inside the hooves in horses, and arthritis is the inflammation of joints. These disorders can be found in all horses but are common in athletic horses. Research suggests that CBD has anti-inflammatory effects, so it may help relieve pain caused by these conditions and decrease inflammation. 

      Might Treat Gastric Ulcers   

      Another common health condition in horses is gastric ulcers. This issue affects more than 80% of racehorses and over 50% of the general population. In the digestive system of horses, a high concentration of cannabinoid receptors is present, which means that CBD may have positive effects on their health.  

      Although CBD research for gastric ulcers in horses is lacking, a study on rats indicates that the CBD can decrease gastric acid secretion. As it has anti-inflammatory effects, it might even treat other digestive disorders, such as colic.  

      May Assist with Blood Flow  

      Sometimes horses have swelling in their legs, and it can happen due to several reasons. The most common cause is the fluid that has built up from the blood vessels in the legs. It is not only uncomfortable but painful as well. As  CBD may assist with blood flow throughout the body, it may also help decrease swelling of these susceptible areas.  

      Is CBD Safe for Horses to Consume?  

      One of the main selling points of CBD is its safety and purity. As the compound is naturally present and derived through CO2 extraction, it does not cause any harmful effects, unlike many pharmaceutical drugs. Still, it is important to note that the CBD might have some minor effects, such as: 

      • Drowsiness or fatigue  
      • Increased thirst  
      • Change in appetite  
      • Restlessness  
      • Unbalance blood pressure  

      These adverse effects usually take place during the initial stages of CBD consumption as the horse’s body is not familiar with the compound. It is best to begin with the lowest possible dosage and gradually increase it over time; it will help you reduce the risk of the abovementioned side effects.  

      Where to Buy CBD?  

      If you are looking for the original and high-quality CBD productsNature Blend is the platform to trust. They provide 100% natural, CO2 extracted, and clinically tested CBD products to help you and your pets cure multiple health conditions.