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CBD for Cats: What’s the big deal

All cat lovers want to make their cats happy and contended all the time. If you are a cat lover, you might already know how important it is to keep a cat happy. A cats mood, however, depends greatly on its diet. CBD is an organic compound that may help you in this regard.  

CBD has now become the new talk of the town, and everybody seems to be interested in CBD and how it can benefit us. Many people still think, So whats the big deal about CBD? 

Here we will discuss what makes CBD so special. 

Get to know CBD 

CBD, or maybe you know it as cannabidiol, is an active compound of cannabis. Unlike other compounds like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD does not exhibit psychoactive properties. CBD is a phytocannabinoid that was discovered in 1940, which may have numerous benefits for human health. 

The working process of CBD 

CBD works in a very unique fashion. It controls the body functions of a mammals body in a different strategy. All mammals have a communication network inside their bodies, medically termed as ECS (Endocannabinoid System). The ECS works in the same way as a computers CPU, hence by accessing the ECS receptors, CBD gets control over many other biological processes and metabolic activities. This is how it may help with a number of different thingsThe point to be noticed here is that CBD does not directly impact ECS. However, it can block or stimulate other compounds present in it.  

So whats the big deal? 

If you still doubt the benefits of CBD for your cats healthiness and wellbeing, then dont worry. Weve got you covered here. 

Cats arthritis 

Arthritis is a prevailing health problem among cats. Many people usually believe that that disease can only happen to human beings; however, according to a 2011 study, 82% of cats aged 14 years have arthritis, and 61% of cats aged between six to 13 years old experience this problem in one or more joints. This disease can cause serious mobility issues and make it quite difficult for cats to move easily.  

CBD exhibits anti-inflammatory properties, which may help stop the spread of inflammation in a cats body. According to research, CBD may decrease the pain intensity experienced by a cat by desensitizing its brain’s vanilloid receptors 


The biggest stressor in the life of a cat owner is the stress of their cat. If their cat is unhappy, they become seriously worried. Oftenpeople are unable to understand the actual reasons behind the unhappiness of a cat.   

Cat stress and anxiety issues do not occur just suddenly. According to 2016 research, it can happen due to the following reasons: 

  • The bonding and relationship of a cat with its owner. 
  • The health problems experienced by the cats. 
  • Irregularity of different body functions. 

    The depression, anxiety, and stress of a cat happen due to a stress hormone called cortisol. Studies suggest that CBD may help reduce stress levels by moderating the production of this hormone.  

    A cat with an attitude never fails to leave you in adoration. But no matter how much you love your cat’s attitude, never forget that attitude doesn’t come without any reason. It’s a telltale sign that something is terribly wrong. You can always help your cat get away from the grumpy behavior once the problem is dissolved from the roots. Multiple problems make a cat rebellious and proud. It can be hormonal imbalance, low energy level, or other wellness problems like that. Research shows that CBD may help moderate homeostasis production and regulate mood levels by interacting with brain receptors. 

    Cats eating disorders 

    Just like human beings, cats can also develop strange eating habits. Sometimes they may eat a lot very quickly, and other times it can just stop eating anything at all. If you have also noticed such behaviors in your Cat, dont worry; you are not alone. Many people have the same complaint with their cats. But that doesnt mean that it is a problem that you can easily ignore.  

    The loss of appetite is usually caused due to problems related to health, oral and dental issues, or just mood. When a cat develops an improper eating pattern, it is then because of some sort of unhealthiness. Research suggests CBD may relieve a cat from hormone imbalance, mood disorders, bowel inflammation, and stress.  

    Epileptic seizures 

    A lot of cats may experience epilepsy at varying levels of severity. Seizures are usually caused by brain damage when the level of electrochemical activity becomes strangely large. In a 2015 studythe American Epilepsy Society established that CBD has a median reduction rate of the seizure frequency of about 45.1%. 


    CBD has uncountable benefits for a cat, the ones mentioned above are only a few. You can feed CBD to your cat in many ways. CBD edibles are available everywhere. However, too much CBD might cause dry mouth and drowsiness problems, but if you are a little more careful and provide it plenty of water, nothing will go wrong. However, it is recommended that you consult a medical professional or vet before frequent or regular intake. Is CBD safe for cats? Yes, and there are oh-so-many benefits, but remember to be vigilant! If you’re looking for something for yourself instead, then consider checking out hemp oil.

    Is there anything I need to know about CBD for cats?

    Here, we will guide you through the immense benefits of CBD for cats and how it can impact your cats health. Everyone loves cats. If you are one of those people whose happiness revolves around their adorable cat, then there is a fair chance that you are always looking for ways to make it happy. There is no doubt that keeping a cat happy and healthy is not a cup of tea, but CBD could be a great help in this regard.  

    People often think that CBD is only good for human beings, but CBD could be equally beneficial for cats as it is for human beings.  

    If you want to know how CBD could potentially benefits a cats wellbeing and happiness, then you should also know what it actually is. 

    A brief introduction to CBD 

    More generally called cannabidiol, CBD is an active compound of cannabis extracted from the hemp plant. But dont get confused with the word marijuana here. Unlike other compounds like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD does not possess any high causing properties. So, dont worry; CBD will not make your cat high in any possible way.  

    These phytocannabinoids was discovered in 1940. After much research, it has been suggested that this compound extracted from the cannabis plant could be highly beneficial for humans and animals in so many ways.  

    Do you know how CBD works? 

    All mammals, including cats, have an internal communication network in their bodies called ECS (the Endocannabinoid System), which is used for messaging purposes. The ECS communication network is a central point of a mammals body. It controls all the biological and metabolic systems in the body of humans, cats, dogs, and other mammals. And the best thing about CBD is that it can connect, interact, and consequently have an effect on your cannabinoid receptors. However, the point to be noted here is that CBD doesnt affect ECS directly, but yes, it can stimulate or block other compounds present in it.  

    Everything you need to know about CBD for cats 

    Now that you know all the basic information, lets get straight into ways CBD may benefit the wellbeing and, most importantly, the happiness of these loveable creatures.  

    Help your cat to get away with arthritis 

    This might come as a shock to you, but yes, your cat can also be the victim of this disease. According to a study held in 2011, 61% of cats that age six or more suffer through arthritis, in one joint at least. This problem is found to be even more that is 82% in the cats that are older than 14Arthritis causes mobility problems due to which cats experience ongoing pain and other problematic symptoms.  

    Well, dont get too stressed, as this is where you may take benefit from the amazing potential pain healing and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. According to research, CBD may desensitize your brain’s vanilloid receptors and reduces the intensity of pain experienced by the cats.  

    Help the cat to stay happy and fresh 

    Often times, we observe sudden changes in our cats behavior but ignore it. However, it is important to note the behavioral patterns and check on your cat and mood. Research suggests that just like humans, cats can also suffer through stress, anxiety, and depression, and various problems can give rise to this issue. For example: 

    • Your cats relationship with you and other family members. 
    • Your cats health and metabolic functions. 
    • Other irregularities. 

      According to a study, CBD may be able to moderate cortisol production in a cats body. Cortisol is a hormone responsible for stress, and by interacting with this hormone, a cat can easily get anxiety and depression issues. 

      Help the cat to develop healthy eating habits 

      Cats can end up eat everything they see, or just stop eating at all. Both the situations are quite troublesome. The loss of appetite does not happen all of a sudden. There are many issues like dental problems, mood swings, and other health issues that can cause your cat to stop eating or eating far more than necessary. According to research, the appropriate intake of CBD may significantly improve your cat’s appetite and may help them get relief from health problems like bowel inflammation, hormone imbalance, and stress or mood disorders.  

      Help you manage your cats mood swings  

      Many health problems can make your cat go crazy and become rebellious. It can be either low energy levels, hormonal imbalance, or any other minor or major issue. Research claims that CBD may be significant help to you if you want to deal with cats mood swings from the roots. CBD may moderate the homeostasis hormone production and interact with brain receptors that regulate mood levels. 

      All in all, CBD may be a highly beneficial compound for your cat, and it comes in many forms like edibles and gummies. Do give it a try and share your experience in the comments below. If you’re asking yourself: is CBD safe for cats; then you should check out that article! If you’re interested in a tasty treat for yourself, then look into CBD gummy benefits!

      What could CBD do for cats?

      There is no doubt that fur parents are always worried about their pets health. Many are ready to try and test each and everything that might work in favor of their pet. Cat owners are no exception. That being said, CBD has the potential to help improve the health of your pet. 

      Now, you might wonder, what could CBD do for cats? Are the benefits of CBD really supported by scientific studies? If you really want to dig into the details, then keep scrolling. Lets first understand the basics. 

      What is CBD? 

      CBD, one of the 113 cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, is an active agent of cannabis. Cannabinoids interact with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) of mammals like felines, cats, dogs, and humans to improve their health. Its not a psychoactive compound, making it more popular among pet owners who want to improve their pet’s health without drugging them. 

      Cannabinoids and ECS 

      The ECS is basically a central signaling board for regulating all the physiological and biological processes in a mammalian body. There are two cannabinoids in the human body, namely CB1 and CB2. CBD, reacts with these receptors, causing an ECS response. CBD can activate or deactivate some ECS compounds, thus managing to help relieve pain and other problems. 

      Benefits of CBD on a cats health 

      Cat arthritis 

      According to a study held in 2011, 61% of cats experience arthritis, at least in one joint. 82% of the cats that are age 14 years or older also show arthritis problems. Due to arthritis, they face mobility problems, consistent pain, and other irritable health issues that can make them feel tired and unwell 24/7. 

      The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD may help to reduce the spread of inflammation in a cat‘s body. Research suggests that CBD may decrease the intensity of pain suffered by a cat by desensitizing the brains vanilloid receptors. 

      Cat stress 

      Sometimes, we feel that our cat is extremely unhappy, and this unhappiness becomes clearly evident in its behavior. All cat owners should know that a cats unhappy mood is not something that happens all of a sudden. Certain elements, like health issues, relationship issues, or other irregularities, can make your cat go crazy all the time. If you are really serious about making your cat feel better, give this study from 2016 a good read. Many times, cat owners ignore the severity of the situation when their cat seems to be in a pitiful mood. According to studies, CBD may help you reduce the anxiety and stress experienced by a cat by moderating the cortisol production in their bodies. 

      Eating habits of cat 

      Cats can sometimes adopt really poor eating habits. These irregular eating patterns can potentially make them fall prey to numerous health issues. Loss of appetite is the most common problem cat owners notice in their fur-buddies. This problem is caused by multiple issues such as dental problems, mood, etcAlways remember that when your cat starts to eat less, it is unwell. According to research, CBD intake may significantly improve your cats appetite. 

      Catitude problems 

      Although cats are adorable little connoisseurs of comfort, they can sometimes become the most rebellious and outgoing babies. Cat, however, never show attitude without any reason. The reasons can range from low energy levels to hormone imbalance. Research suggests CBD may troubleshoot all the root problems that negatively impact your cats behavior. Moreover, CBD may also help to moderate hormone production and interact with brain receptors that regulate mood, thus maintaining homeostasis in the body.  

      Epileptic Seizures 

      A lot of cats experience epilepsy and go through seizures at varying levels of severity. Seizures are a health issue caused by the abnormal level of electrochemical activity in the brain, usually caused by brain damage. According to a study held in 2015 by the American Epilepsy Society, there was reduction rate in the severity levels as impacted by CBD is 45.1%.   

      How to choose appropriate CBD for cats 

      The first and foremost thing you need to consider before grabbing a CBD product for your cat is its plant source. It is best to go with CBD derived from hemp source because it reduces the risk of a drug containing psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) 

      Pay attention to the following elements: 

      NASC Seal 

      Make sure your CBD product has a stamp of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC). All the reputable brands have that seal. 

      Independent research 

      Always check that your selected CBD items are independently researched. The test results from the laboratory will tell you the amount of CBD and THC the product contains.   


      Some products are beneficial for humans but not for animals and pets. Always make sure that the product only contains the ingredients that are safe for your health. 

      Side effects of CBD you should know  

      Even though CBD is beneficial for cats, everything has its side effects, and CBD is no exception.  

      Dry mouth 

      CBD can reduce the production of saliva, due to which your cat might feel thirsty. If you want to avoid this situation, then keep your cat hydrated at all times.  


      Since CBD exhibit calming properties, it can also make your cat feel drowsy. There is nothing to worry about here. You just need to be careful about the amount of CBD dose you are giving to your cat daily. 

      We hope this blog helped you to gain knowledge about what CBD could do to your cats. If you know anything else, dont forget to share it with us in the comments section below. So, is CBD safe for cats? Yes, but be mindful of its potential side effects.

      Why do they make CBD for cats?

      Keeping your cat happy is not always a cup of tea if you are a cat lover, you might know this already. The biggest woe of cat owners these days is an unhappy cat. It is quite understandable that keeping your cat happy and healthy at the same time can be an irritating task. If you are also exploring ways to keep your cat hale and hearty, then top notch CBD could be a good answer for you. 

      In case you don’t know, cannabis is not only considered to be potentially beneficial for human health, but it is also gaining tremendous fame and popularity for its positive potential impacts on cat healthiness and wellbeing.  

      What is CBD? 

      CBD, or cannabinol, is an active ingredient of cannabis that is directly extracted from the hemp plant. This phytocannabinoid was discovered in 1940, is used for variety of purposes including health and fitness.  

      The ECS and CBD 

      All mammals have an internal messaging center called Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Cannabinoids interact with the cannabinoid receptors present in ECS to trigger a response. Although CBD doesn’t affect the ECS directly, it does, stimulate or block other compounds in it.  

      Top 5 reasons why they make CBD for cats 

      CBD may be highly beneficial for a cat’s health. Here are some of the potential benefits of CBD for cats: 

      1. Potential treatment of cats arthritis 

        A 2011 study suggests, 61% of cats aged six years or older suffer through arthritis in one joint, at least. Not only that, 82% of the 14-year-old or above cats have arthritis. This issue causes them mobility problems, persistent pain and all other symptoms that have the potential to make their daily life very difficult. While nobody can stop the clock, and pause aging, you can still take the condition in your hands. 

        With the potential anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, it may help minimize inflammation and its spread in a cat’s body. Similarly, according to research, CBD may desensitize the brain’s vanilloid receptor and decrease the level of pain experienced by the cats. 

      2. Dealing with stress and anxiety 

        Have you ever felt that your cat is in an unhappy mood? It might be a bit surprising for you to know that it’s not only you who suffer through depression and anxiety issues. According to a 2016 researchvarious problems can cause cats to stress out, for instance: 

      3. Relationship with the owner or other human beings 
      4. Health issues 
      5. Irregularities 

        Many times, the cat owners fail to understand the changing behavior of their cat and which makes the situation more severe. Studies suggest that CBD may significantly reduce the stress and anxiety levels among cats by moderating the production of cortisol (a stress hormone)

      6. Developing eating habits 

        Nobody wants their cat to become a Garfield, but it is quite obvious that cats also need to have a regular eating habit, otherwise they might fall prey to a number of diseases and health issues. The loss of appetite can be caused by various issues such as dental problems, mood-related problems, and other health conditions. Therefore, it is highly recommended that as soon as you start noticing a slight change, in your cats eating habit, try to figure out the root cause of this issue. Research suggests CBD intake may significantly improve your cat’s appetite and can possibly relieve your cat from issues like hormonal imbalance, bowel inflammation, and stress or mood disorders. 

      7. Dealing with cat’s attitude 

        Who knows it better than the cat lovers that these connoisseurs of comfort can any time become the most attitude filled creatures on earth? However, we should always keep in mind that this grumpy behavior of the cat is not something that can easily be ignored. If you really love your cat and care about its wellbeing, then you should take it seriously as attitude problems do not just occur all of a sudden. There are multiple issues that make your cat rebellious and moody, such as low energy levels, hormonal imbalance, or other problems. Research shows that CBD may help you deal with the root causes of your cat’s bad attitude like unhealthiness, anxiety, and stress. Additionally, CBD may also help maintain homeostasis in the body by moderating the hormone production and interacting with brain receptors that regulate mood levels. 

      8. Dealing with Epileptic Seizures 

        Unfortunately, many cats suffer from epilepsy and experience seizures at varying severity levels. Seizures are a health problem that occurs due to the strange level of electrochemical activity in the brain and usually caused by brain damage.  In a 2015 study, researchers from the American Epilepsy Society established the fact that CBD may have a median reduction rate of 45.1% in reducing with severity level and frequency of seizures. 

      Possible side effects of CBD for cats 

      There is no question that CBD is highly beneficial for cats, but it can, however, impact your cat’s health negatively. Some side effects of CBD include: 

      1. Dry mouth 

        CBD can potentially limit the production of saliva, making your cat feel thirsty at all times. 

      2. Drowsiness 

        CBD can also make your cat feel drowsy due to its calming properties. 

      Final word 

      Since the studies are still a bit vague, we strongly suggest you consult a vet, before making CBD a part of your cat’s diet. Although CBD and the relating information we provide is up to date, each individual’s body is unique and should be treated differently. For us humans, maybe consider CBD gummies for yourself!

      How Can I Give My Cat CBD?

      Talk to any cat owner and chances are they are going to rant about the picky side of their cats appetite. If you feel that your cats choosy behavior is taking a toll on its health, then CBD could be your answer. CBD, also known as cannabinol, is an active component of cannabis; however, it does not exhibit any psychoactive properties. It is gaining tremendous fame these days for its potential positive impact on your cats healthiness and wellbeing. No matter your cats breed, size, or age, getting them accustomed to regular intake of CBD could be beneficial for both of you. But cats are the fussiest eaters you will ever see. Luckily, there are still some techniques to feed CBD oil to your cat. Let’s talk about some of our secret tips addressing how you can give CBD to your cats.  

      Four methods to give CBD oil to your cat 

      Here are a few methods of giving CBD oil to your cat: 

      • Direct feeding

      This is the easiest method to feed CBD oil to a cat. All you need to do is take a couple of drops of CBD oil into a dropper and put it in front of your cat. Give your cat some time to explore the item just presented to her. Hopefully, it will like it after licking the dropper. If it does, you can complete the dose right away. However, if it shows dislike, then you got to be a bit more patient.

      Measure out a dose of CBD oil, and put it on a dish. Now, grab a nice, comfy spot and place your cat facing opposite your direction. Wrap your cat in a towel, providing it some extra ease. Pet your cat with one hand and help it relax. When you feel that the cat has become calm, grab the dropper. Slightly lift your cats head by the jaw and spritz some drops into its mouth by placing the dropper in its mouth. Allow your cat to swallow it slowly. Remember, staying patient here is the key. You dont want to annoy your fur baby. 

      • Trick your cat by adding CBD oil to cat food.In most cases, direct feeding CBD to a cat is one major task. This is where you start seeking ways to double-cross it. Here are the simple steps you can follow
        • Just prepare your cats food as usual. 
        • Measure out its CBD dose and scatter it evenly on the top of the meal. 
        • Food can either be dry or wet; you just need to mix it well and serve.
      • Try some CBD cat treats

      Are you busy person looking for a quick and effective way to feed CBD to your cat? CBD treats are a nice catch for all those who want to give their cat a healthy treat. However, you should read all the ingredients thoroughly before grabbing a CBD treat from the store. Make sure that there are no processed, unhealthy ingredients or any artificial flavors or glutens. Rest assured, there is a great chance that your cat will fall in love with the new treat. 

      • Serve CBD oil in an empty feeding dish 

      Your cat loves its feeding dish, and you know that. So just grab its feeding dish and put some cats CBD oil in it. Your cat will instantly be tempted towards its well-known dish, filled with mouth-watering food aromas, and most probably, end up consuming whatever you offer it to it. 

      Why should you give CBD to your cat? 

      Lets have a look at some potential benefits CBD may have on its health. 

      • May reduce your cats stress 

      Cats also suffer from anxiety issues, and a study suggests that CBD may help reduce the anxiety levels of stress that your cat might be facing. It basically moderates the production of cortisol, a stress hormone.  

      • May improve your cats appetite 

      If you are noticing a sudden loss of appetite in your cat, CBD may significantly help you deal with your cats eating habits.  Research suggests that CBD may improve a cats appetite by finding relief from issues like bowel inflammation, hormonal imbalance, and stress or mood disorders. 

      • Dealing with Cat-itude   

      If you want to deal with your cats grumpy behavior or bad attitude problems, then according to research, CBD may significantly help you treat the root causes of a cats bad attitude like stress or unhealthiness. In addition, CBD may also help sustain the homeostasis in the body by moderating the production of hormones and interacting with the brain receptors regulating mood levels.  

      CBD may have numerous other benefits on a cats health, such as potentially reducing the severity level epileptic seizures among catspotentially treating catarthritis, and multiple other health issues. 

      Final word 

      Cats are the loveliest buddies and beautiful creatures. Here we shared some methods in which your cat can happily intake top notch CBD, a compound that may significantly improve its health. For humans, if you’re curious, look into MCT oil and CBD.

      Is CBD oil safe for cats?

      CBD has shown great promise for treating multiple conditions of humans. That includes alleviating anxiety disorders, chronic pain, and stress. You might not have heard that these similar benefits are stored for your feline friends as well. The stigma encompassing CBD and its benefits rapidly being a part of ancient history. You might even consider using CBD oil for your cat to ameliorate their wellness and medical condition. 

      What Is CBD? 

      Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of 113 chemical compounds found in the Cannabis sativa plant, known for its non-psychoactive properties that don’t get you high. Unlike its infamous counterpart, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which consists of over 480 psychoactive chemical compounds that cause a euphoric sensation.  

      Is CBD Oil Safe for Cats? 

      People are turning to CBD oil to elevate their feline friends’ quality of life and alleviate the symptoms of medical ailments. However, there’s no concrete evidence that proves CBD oil to be beneficial for cats. Therefore, if your cat is suffering from severe health conditions, consult with your veterinarian right away. 

      All cats are unique and have different kinds of personalities as well as have a distinct physical make-up. Hence, no two cats will likely react the same way when they’re administered with CBD. Most holistic vets claim CBD to be safe for cats and with few unwanted reactions. Consult with your vet before administering any form of CBD to your cat. The ideal CBD dosage is the most significant factor to take into consideration when administering CBD oil to your cats.  

      How Does CBD Oil Work? 

      CBD, especially CBD oils, works quite similar to how a vitamin works. Administering Vitamin E supplement works to improve your circulatory system by raising your body’s supply of Vitamin E. CBD oils to work in the same manner in your endocannabinoid system and potentially helps to improve mood, sleep, and pain.  

      CBD Oils Benefits for Cats 

      The endocannabinoid system of humans and cats works the same; therefore, CBD oil benefits will be quite similar to humans’ experience. CBD oil isn’t only effective in potentially treating chronic medical issues such as comfort or mood and may also be used to prevent severe medical conditions.  

      • May help with pain 

      Mature cats generally suffer from arthritis pains that cause them distress and irritation. Conventional veterinary anti-inflammatory may help; several studies indicated quick pain relief of CBD oils only in humans. CBD works on cats as well; it’s a feasible option for cats that have trouble in drug metabolism of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. 

      • May help in relieving anxiety 

      Just like us, cats also are prone to stress and anxiety, particularly the ones living in the city and constrained space. Cats who suffer from chronic stress may experience several medical issues. CBD may reduce cortisol production and impacts mood controlling receptors inside the brain which is beneficial to regulate the neurological activity.  

      • May help in improving appetite 

      Inadequate appetite may lead to several medical conditions, including mood disorders as well as dental diseases. CBD may help in stimulating a cat’s cravings and may improve their appetite.  

      • May help with seizures and epilepsy  

      Seizures pose serious medical issues. Luckily, several studies have suggested CBD oils to be highly effective in potentially treating seizures both in humans and felines. The FDA approved the first-ever CBD made medicine, Epidiolex, to treat seizures linked with tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC). Previously, it was only approved to treat seizures related to two of the uncommon forms of epilepsy: the Dravet Syndrome and the Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome.  

      Seizures occur due to electrical interference inside the brain. These sudden and rapid changes your brain’s activity that causes severe shaking throughout the body. CBD offsets seizures by decreasing the frequency of these electrical interferences throughout the brain each time it’s used – administering a suppressive effect on upcoming seizures. It won’t entirely cure the disease; however, it reduces the number of times seizures occur substantially.  

      • May help with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) 

      CBD may help treat inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in your feline friend. This medical condition occurs due to inflammation; therefore, CBD may contribute to regulating it because of its quality of decreasing swelling and distress it causes. It may not be a cure; however, if it’s administered regularly, your cats may not suffer from most of this disease’s unwanted reactions. 

      • May help with skin and dermatitis  

      CBD oil may also help in improving your cat’s skin and dermatitis. In humans, studies have shown tremendous potential in alleviating symptoms of dry skin and acne. Similarly, these benefits potentially follow through on your feline friends as well.  

      Unwanted Reactions of CBD Oil for Cats 

      According to various vets, CBD has minimal to no severe side effects in most cats. With being said, CBD works differently on different species of cats. Therefore, we highly advise you to speak with your veterinarian before supplementing CBD into your cat’s wellness regimen. One of the common undesirable reactions is slight sedation and head shaking.  

      Even though it may not be entirely evident early on, cats are accustomed to napping. Keep your cat’s sleeping schedule in check after administering CBD. If your cat exhibits any signs of lethargy, decrease the dosage to alleviate those symptoms.  

      Final Words 

      If you’re deciding to use CBD oil to betterment your beloved pet’s wellness, hopefully, we’ve provided all the information you need to follow through. Most CBD oils’ benefits aren’t a myth, such as its anti-inflammatory qualities work wonders in mitigating inflammation in various diseases. To find the appropriate CBD oil dosage, always talk to your veterinarian because different ailments require different portions of dosage. 

      So, Is CBD Oil Safe for Cats?

      If you’re curious about how CBD oil is safe for cats, how it may be able to benefit them, and how best to administer it to them, then read through our pet blogs. If you’re looking for a some high quality, certified pet CBD products for your cats and dogs, then check out our shop for more products and information!

      How Does CBD Affect Cats?

      A survey shows that 85 million US families share their homes with their pets, and these pet owners spent $75.38 billion on their pets in 2019. Out of this figure, around $34.12 were paid to vet care, supplies, and over-the-counter medication. This kind of spending has become quite usual in the United States. 

      Like non-pet owners get worried about their family members, pet owners feel the same for their pets when they are ill. With saying that, fur parents may not have to worry about their cats health anymore because CBD could be useful for treating several health issues in cats. If you want to know more about CBD and cats, keep reading this article.  

      What is CBD? 

      CBD stands for “cannabidiol” and is one of the 113 cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. Cannabinoids are substances that interact with the endocannabinoid system of mammals. 

      Mammals, like humans and felines, develop cannabinoids through the endocannabinoid (ECS) system. Endocannabinoids are formed by mammals. Whereas phytocannabinoids are produced by plants, especially by cannabis plants. 

      Cannabinoids and ECS  

      The ECS is one of the central signaling hubs of the mammalian body. It serves as a “regulatory board” for signaling biological and physiological processes. These indicators impact sleep, immune function, appetite, and pain, to name a few. 

      Cannabinoid receptors (CBs) are present within the ECS, and two are currently known as CB1 and CB2. CBD is the cannabinoid that binds with these receptors, causing an ECS response. This response depends on what cannabinoid binds the cannabinoid receptor to. 

      CBD has no obvious impact on the ECS. But it blocks or activates certain compounds present in the ECS. 

      For example, the nerve corridors that pain signals use to get to the brain seem to be interrupted. It is an effective way that the CBD may relieve pain.  

      Are THC and CBD the Same?  

      Most people get confused between tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and CBD; it is essential to note that THC products come from the marijuana plant while CBD products are derived from the hemp plant.  

      Cannabis plants categorized as hemp plants consist of less than 0.3% THC, its a compound responsible for causing a high. On the other hand, CBD does not cause any euphoric sensation and is safe to consume by both humans and pets. 

      Benefits of CBD for Cats  

      CBD for Cat Seizures  

      CBD has been studied for treating seizures and epilepsy in both cats and dogs. According to a 2019 research, 100 cats were given CBD during the clinical trial, and 89% showed reduction in seizure intensity after a month of CBD intake.  

      CBD for Cats in Pain   

      Another benefit of consuming CBD is it reduces the intensity of pain and inflammation in humans as well as some animals. A study shows that CBD contains anti-inflammatory properties and treats pain in cats. According to a recent report, CBD can help increase comfort and decrease pain in osteoarthritis in both cats and dogs.  

      What to Look for in CBD Oil for Cats 

      The first thing you need to look for when purchasing CBD oil for your cat is the plant source. It’s safer to go for the hemp-sourced CBD since this decreases the risk of a THC-containing drug. 

      Below are some other attributes that you can pay attention to when shopping for CBD products. 

      NASC Seal or GMP Label  

      Select a CBD drug that explicitly notes that it meets “Best Manufacturing Practices.” Reputable pet CBD brands also have the stamp of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC). 

      These acronyms say that the product contains healthy ingredients. They also say that CBD oil came from a safe, sanitary manufacturing facility. 

      Independent Lab Test Results 

      Make sure that the CBD items you’re purchasing have undergone independent research. The results of the laboratory tests will tell you how much CBD and THC the drug contains. It will also indicate what the remaining ingredients of the CBD oil are. 


      Like chocolate, grapeseed oil can also be harmful to animals and not to humans. Nonetheless, CBD products for humans can contain this form of oil. 

      Xylitol, a sugar substitute, can also be used in CBD products manufactured for humans. However, this alternative sugar can cause low blood sugar and seizures in animals. It can also lead to liver failure and, if not treated, death in animals, especially cats. It is also important to know that THC is toxic for animals. So, your CBD product for your cat should not contain any THC. 

      That being said, make sure that all the mentioned ingredients are natural and safe for cats.  

      Keep in Mind  

      If your cat is already under some kind of medication, dont feed them with CBD. Instead, ring up your vet first to inquire about any potential drug reactions. 

      Past work has shown that CBD has a significant preventing influence on CYP450 enzymes. In humans, this means that taking CBD while taking another drug can impede the action of these enzymes. As a result, more of the drugs will get in and remain in a person’s system.  

      In fact, if your cat isnt taking any traditional medicine, it’s still a good idea to reach out to your vet because they can suggest you better about your pet’s wellbeing.  

      CBD Dosage for Cats 

      When you want to give your pet CBD oil, begin with a very small dose. It’s best to first err on the side of caution and check for any possible reactions. If no side effects are noticed, you can increase the dosage. 

      Potential Side Effects to Look For 

      Lack of knowledge on the side effects of CBD on cats is also due to a lack of research. Though, this does not necessarily mean that CBD does not have side effects for pets. This can cause reactions such as the adverse effects that one experiences.  

      One of the side effects is dry mouth, as CBD can limit the production of saliva. This may tend to be more thirsty than usual in cats. 

      One possible side effect is mild fatigue in your animals. It may be due to the relaxing effects of CBD. 

      That said, be extra careful when you give CBD to your pets. If the mouth is dry, make sure that your cat or dog has more water. 

      Is It Legal to Give CBD to Cats?  

      The legality of CBD oil and CBD products is complicated in the US; according to the 2018 Farm Bill rules, hemp-derived CBD with less than 0.3% THC is legal on a federal level, but states hold the authority to alter the practices. As a result, CBD is legal for recreational and medicinal use in some states; other states only allow the therapeutic use of CBD. Meanwhile, some states don’t allow any kind of use of CBD. So be sure to check out your state’s rule about CBD before you start using it for medicinal or recreational purposes.  

      Where to Buy CBD? 

      If you are looking for the original and best quality CBD product, there are several platforms you can entirely rely on. They offer CO2 extracted, 100% natural, and non-GMO CBD products to every client – all you have to do is look for the right manufacturer. 

      CBD for Cats: Everything You Need to Know

      CBD, short for cannabidiol, has gained a lot of fame after becoming legal in the United States and other countries around the world. Since CBD offers several potential benefits for different health problems, its products are widely available on the market today. From reducing arthritis pain to treating seizures, CBD is the best potential health alternative for your cat.   

      Questions like, ‘is it safe for my cat to use CBD?’ or ‘how to choose the right CBD product for my cat?’ must be popping up in your head. To answer all your CBD related questions, we have come up with this CBD guide for your cat. Let’s go through the details together!    

      What is CBD?  

      CBD one of the 113 cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. Cannabinoids are compounds that interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) of mammals. These mammals include human beings and felines. They develop cannabinoids through the endocannabinoid system. Endocannabinoids are generated by mammals, while phytocannabinoids are produced by plants, especially by the cannabis plant.  

      Another popular compound of the cannabis plant is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which contains psychoactive properties and is responsible for the euphoric sensation. People must not use the CBD product that is made of more than 0.3% THC.   

      How Does CBD Work for Cats?   

      The ECS is a system of receptors that can interact with cannabinoids such as THC and CBD, found in the central nervous system and other biological systems. Researchers have revealed that CBD may maintain and improve the functionality of these receptors with its antipsychotic and anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, there is enhanced integrity of the systems. It helps CBD to offer various potential benefits to cats, including stress reduction, relief from pain, decreased aggression, and so on.   

      Since you have an understanding of how CBD works for cats, let’s discover what kinds of benefits it offers to our little friends.   

      Benefits of CBD for Cats   


      Cats that suffer from arthritis need every assistance they can receive. Unfortunately, many sick cats are suffering because we don’t have great healthy prescription options. Since cats tend to be reclusive and don’t move as readily, their aches and pains are less likely to be noticeable. Studies have found that CBD is a very effective anti-inflammatory compound for dogs; hence, it may be beneficial for cats as well.    

      Inflammatory Bowel Disease   

      Frustratingly, this is common in cats. In comparison to other treatments, CBD may help reduce inflammation, and thus symptoms. IBD cats are most likely to have a cough, get diarrhea, or lose weight. Generally speaking, use diet and herbs to help manage kitty IBD symptoms.  


      Although these are rare in kitties, CBD offers excellent responses in kitties suffering from seizures. If your kitty is already taking seizure drugs, do not immediately interrupt them, and do consult a vet.   


      As with all the disorders mentioned above, asthma is a severe inflammatory condition in cats. Some cats have very minor symptoms that require little or no medical procedures. Many cats need inhaler medication for long periods of life. CBD could be a great choice to help these kitties with less inflammation and, therefore, fewer attacks of asthma. Before talking to your veterinarian, you must never stop giving medication that your kitty is taking. When your cat needs an inhaler to breathe, it is suggested not to substitute it with CBD oil.  

      Ways to Give Your Cat CBD   

      Add CBD Oil to Cat Food   

      Most cat owners prefer this method for CBD intake, as it’s easy and effective. Just prepare your cat’s meal like you usually do, and add an appropriate CBD amount on top of the food. Both dry and wet food is good to go for this method.   

      Place CBD in Your Cat’s Feeding Bowl   

      Another successful method is putting CBD gummies or CBD oil in your cat’s eating bowl. Since your cat is familiar with its bowl, it’s easier to feed them CBD edibles or oils. Leave it there for some time and observe if your cat has a liking to it.   

      Put CBD in Your Cat’s Treats   

      Adding CBD to your cat’s favorite treat is also a great idea. It’s similar to adding the CBD to cat food. Just grab your cat’s favorite treat, put CBD to it, and wait for them to eat it. Breaking the treats into pieces can create more surface for the CBD oil to get absorbed.   

      Put CBD Oil on the Paws   

      If no mentioned above method works, this is the last one to try because it can be wasteful and messy. Still, it’s worth trying since cats are perfectionists when it comes to cleaning and grooming. They keep licking their paws, so putting some CBD oil on their feet will help you feed it to them. There is also a possibility that your cat will end up running and getting the CBD everywhere. Keeping your cat in a bathroom or crate could be helpful in this method.   

      Where CBD Comes from Matters   

      Two primary CBD plant sources include hemp and marijuana. Hemp comes from Cannabis sativa plants only; marijuana can be either Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica. Marijuana-derived CBD products, as helpful as they may be to humans, can still contain THC. It’s the compound that gives marijuana users the well-known intoxicating high.  

      THC can have beneficial effects on humans, but it is harmful to cats in the smallest quantities. Whereas pure CBD does not cause toxicity at small doses. Nonetheless, it can result in some mild side effects and can interfere with other medications. Make sure that the CBD product Notice that the allowable (AKA legal) THC level in CBD products is less than 0.3% for human use. Any more than that and your CBD oil consumption becomes illegal and will make you feel high. This low THC content can already cause signs of poisoning in animals.  

      Is CBD Legal?  

      Until recently, according to federal drug regulations, CBD drugs (except for the FDA-approved epilepsy medication Epidiolex) have been lumped into the same category as heroin. Yet when the Farm Bill was passed into law in December 2018, it allowed hemp-derived CBD that contains no more than 0.3% of THC. CBD derived from the marijuana plant is also illegal because it still has illicit status under Schedule 1. Even the TSA recently announced that it will allow people to travel with hemp items, including CBD manufactured under regulations set out in the new legislation. “Nonetheless, we are still waiting for the USDA to establish the final rules on the legalization of hemp products, which means that CBD is not yet legal in any state,” says Cristina Buccola, a lawyer specializing in the cannabis field. “While we are awaiting clarification from the federal level, you can test the laws of your own state. That being said, any type of enforcement related to CBD has been targeted toward the manufacturers and distributors — not the customers.”  

      Possible Side Effects of CBD in Cats   

      While there is no scientific data for cats regarding the side effects of CBD use, there are potential side effects based on how CBD affects humans. Make sure you follow the correct dose to avoid any possible side effects.  

      Dry mouth   

      Research has shown that CBD can decrease saliva production. It will manifest as a heightened appetite for puppies.  

      Lower blood pressure   

      High doses of CBD are known to cause the blood pressure to drop temporarily. Although the drop is low, it can produce a brief feeling of light-headedness.  


      When higher doses are taken, it may cause slight drowsiness due to its calming effect.  

      Where to Buy CBD?  

      If you are looking for the original and best quality CBD product, there are several platforms you can entirely rely on. They offer CO2 extracted, 100% natural, and non-GMO CBD products to every client – all you have to do is look for the right manufacturer. 


      Does CBD Benefit Cats? Is It Safe?

      The incredible compound, CBD or cannabidiol, is finally receiving all the importance and praise it deserves. Scientists and researchers are spending more time to explore the full advantages of this plant for all living creatures. So, what makes CBD useful, and how can it benefit your little fur friend? Keep reading to know about the CBD benefits for cats!   


      What is CBD?   

      The CBD is one of the most popular cannabinoids, naturally found in the cannabis plant. It offers several advantages for both humans and pets. It is a non-psychoactive compound and appeals to a broader audience, unlike THC. It can be easily found in everyday products, such as cosmetics, food, and medicines.   


      The effect that CBD has on human beings is like its impact on animals. That’s why pet owners are interested in exploring their benefits for their little friend. It aids in healing multiple issues, including seizures, arthritis, pain relief, withdrawal symptoms, and depression. Pet owners who want to improve their pets’ well-being and happiness may try for the CBD and CBD infused products.   


      CBD and Endocannabinoid System in Cats   

      Thanks to the endocannabinoid system (ECS), both THC and CBD have similar physiological effects in vertebrates. It means that cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, and birds all have ECS identical to human beings. Two kinds of cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system – endocannabinoids (naturally produced by all vertebrates) and phytocannabinoids (provided by the cannabis plant).   


      Phytocannabinoids mimic endocannabinoids in the ECS, and that’s why CBD helps maintain homeostasis in cats by regulating the following:   

      • Digestion   
      • Immune system functions   
      • Mood swings   
      • Cardiovascular system functions   
      • Cognitive activities   
      • Sleep   
      • Reproduction   


      CB1 and CB2 Receptors   

      The CBD stimulates signals in the central and peripheral nervous system of animals and humans to get messages from the brain to the body through CB1 and CB2 receptors.   

      • CB1 receptors are present in the central nervous system (spinal cord and brain) and in the adrenals, liver, gut, cardiovascular system, and the brain area responsible for managing anxiety and fear.   
      • CBD receptors are primarily located in the immune cells and alleviate pain and support relaxation by decreasing inflammation.   

      Both CB1 and CBD2 receptors vary in maintaining homeostasis in the body. Some receptors work on regulating mood and reducing anxiety, while others are responsible for pain control.   


      Benefits of Using CBD   

      CBD May Help with Appetite and Digestive Disorders   

      Pets often experience digestive disorders or low appetite as they age. Their digestive system becomes weaker and can’t eat some foods, especially ones which take longer for digestion. As a result, they start losing their health because of the deficiency of certain nutrients. CBD infused foods, like peanut butter, may help pet’s indigestion and reduce the nutritious lack in their bodies.   


      CBD increases your pet’s appetite by terminating the underlying problems. Research indicates that CBD may help cope with nausea and vomiting, which could result from toxins or drugs. CBD consumption is widely increasing in the United States and could be your best shot at improving your pet’s well-being.   


      CBD Could Be a Natural Aid for Pain Relief   

      CBD is well-known for its anti-inflammatory features, which is why it’s quite helpful in treating several ailments. The naturally occurring compound interacts with the receptors, which are a part of the immune system. It stimulates the receptors to fight for decreasing the secretion of inflammation-causing chemicals. Currently, the compound is used for treating pain-related inflammation, like multiple sclerosis, and arthritis.   


      It has shown significant effects on humans and pets suffering from chronic pain conditions. A study shows how CBD takes care of chronic pain and reduces the efficiency of anandamide absorption in the body temporarily after its usage. CBD is responsible for locating pain in the body. By doing so, users feel less pain. These two effects of CBD in the body helps relieve pain in the case of your pets.  


      CBD May Reduce Stress and Anxiety   

      Most people believe that pets don’t suffer from mental ailments, but it’s not true. Stress and anxiety could be cause for several reasons, such as travel, changing house, new owner, separation from the owner, a phobia, or noise due to carnivals and crackers. These conditions may lead to loss of appetite, aggressive behavior, restlessness, continuous barking, or defecating in odd places. These are some of the symptoms of your pets suffering from stress, depression, or anxiety.   


      As compared to humans, giving medication for anxiety is more complicated in animals. CBD is excellent as a natural and effective medicine for your cat, dog, or any other pet. With the right dosage, your pet will feel calmer and more relaxed. Also, it may increase the secretion of serotonin in the body that puts your pet in a great mood.   


      CBD May Treat Epilepsy and Seizures    

      It is difficult to treat seizures in pets. Veterinarians usually prescribe potassium bromide or Phenobarbital for treating epilepsy and seizures in animals. These medications are designed for reducing seizure intensity; however, these are not proven effective as about 30 percent of pets (mainly dogs) face seizures even after using these medicines. On the other hand, CBD has been proven to treat epilepsy and seizures in human beings. It shows that CBD may reduce the frequency and intensity of seizures in pets as well. Although substantial evidence is not available as yet, several kinds of research are presently happening that promise to deliver effective results of CBD for pets.   


      CBD May Cure Skin Conditions   

      Another benefit of using CBD is that it will improve your cat’s ears, coat, and overall skin. Pets usually experience skin conditions, and CBD is known for minimizing acne and keeping their skin hydrated. Not only that, but it also restores their coat and turns it into smoother and thicker. If your cat has any allergies, CBD may also alleviate symptoms and restore them to their usual selves.   


      Tips for Choosing the Best CBD Product for Your Cat   

      CBD comes in many forms, but liquid CBD is the most effective and popular type. CBD oil has excellent bioavailability, is extremely palatable, and can be easily incorporated into cat’s food. If you are thinking about purchasing cannabis for your cat, make sure to choose a high-quality and safe product. Here is what to look for:   

      • Request a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) or the complete profile of the final product.   
      • Go for a mycotoxin and heavy metal analysis   
      • Familiarize yourself with product terminology   
      • Look for high CBD concentrations and low to zero THC concentration   
      • Follow the rule “start low and go slow” and slowly increase its dosage as per the effect  
      • Make sure that no fungicides or pesticides were used during manufacture   
      • Purchase CO2 or alcohol extracted products. (Note: alcohol-based tinctures are not healthy for pet’s use)  
      • In the beginning, take 1mg CBD per kg of body mass.  


      Is It Safe to Consume?   

      Veterinarians suggest that CBD has little to no adverse effects on pets. Each cat has a different physical and mental health so that CBD effects may differ from cat to cat. Before you add CBD to your cat’s routine, it’s better to discuss it with a vet.   

      The most common side effect of using CBD is slight sedation. It may go unnoticed at first because these little creatures are known for their tending of napping. Make sure to keep an eye on your cat’s activities after its first exposure to the CBD.   


      Other adverse effects are nausea, anxiety, change in appetite, and vomiting. These effects are typically mild and are witnessed in rare cases. If your cat experiences any of these effects, it’s better to stop giving CBD any dosage and immediately check with your vet. Also, make sure that the CBD product is high-quality and comes from a hemp plant.   


      Where to Buy CBD?  

      If you are looking for the original and best quality CBD product, there are several platforms you can entirely rely on. They offer CO2 extracted, 100% natural, and non-GMO CBD products to every client – all you have to do is look for the right manufacturer. So, what are you thinking? Place your order now to improve your health. Your CBD product will be delivered at your doorstep within 4-5 business days if you buy CBD oil now!  


      All About CBD Edibles for Cats  

      You must have heard about the many benefits that cannabidiol (CBD) provides. It is now considered a go-to product for pain relief, aiding anxiety and depression symptoms. What you do not know about it is that it can have some benefits for your beloved pets. Despite the stigma surrounding cannabis and its benefits rapidly becoming a thing of the past, you may wonder how to enhance their health and happiness by using CBD oil for your pet.  

      Here is a one-stop guide to what you need to know about CBD oil uses for animals, dosages, side effects, and more to support you.  

      CBD Oil for Cats   

      One of the active compounds in cannabis is CBD. Cannabis has over 113 active compounds, including tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD is different from THC, as it has no psychoactive effects; it will not cause a ‘high’ in consumers. Instead, it is used mainly for its nutritional and healing properties. 

      CBD oil is a highly concentrated form of the hemp CBD compound, which may potentially be used for therapeutic purposes. It is also known by the more familiar expression “tincture.” They are manufactured by passing a solvent (typically alcohol or olive oil) to a hemp plant. It makes its way into the plant, consuming the plant cannabinoids. This creates an all-natural, non-toxic, and safe medication for giving to your pets.  

      The Workings of CBD Oil  

      CBD, and more specifically CBD oils, work as a vitamin does. Taking a supplement of vitamin E improves your circulatory system by increasing the body’s supply of vitamin E. CBD oils do the same with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), which is why it may help people with chronic health issues to control mood, pain, and sleep so well. While offering your pet CBD oil may sound foreign, it is close to taking a vitamin. CBD functions by complementing ECS processes.  

      This mechanism controls body functions, including sleep, immunity, mood, appetite, and pain. It is composed of neurons known as cannabinoid receptors in your brain. Non-THC CBD strains activate specific neurons without having a psychoactive effect. Without the rush, you get the health benefits of hemp. This mechanism is shared by all species, including cats, dogs, horses, insects, reptiles, and even humans, which is why researchers believe they all benefit from the effects of CBD.  

      Benefits of CBD Oil   

      As cats and humans share the same endocannabinoid system, the well-being advantages of your cat will be very close to the benefits humans experience when consuming CBD. It is great for helping chronic mood- or comfort-influencing disorders, and it may also be used as a preventive measure for more severe health issues in your animals.  

      Pain and Swelling in Cats   

      Cornell University researchers found dogs taking CBD for arthritis had demonstrated a reduction in pain. The vanilloid receptor regulates pain and swelling in you and your cat’s brains. CBD oils are useful for treating pain and swelling, as they reach and prevent the receptor from turning on.  

      It stops the transmission of pain and swelling signals in the body when this neuron is made inactive, causing the pain points to go away on their own slowly. This performs so well that experts are considering converting it into a new class of medications for treating chronic pain patients.  

      CBD’s therapeutic role makes it useful to treat a wide variety of chronic pain conditions, such as:  

      • Asthma  
      • Arthritis   
      • Neuropathy pain   
      • Pancreatitis   
      • Intestinal inflammation   
      • Nerve related pain   
      • Inflammation

      Seizures and Epilepsy in Cats   

      Seizures are horrific and present potentially dangerous health issues. Luckily, cannabidiol has positive effects on both humans and pets suffering from seizures.  

      Electrical disturbances in the brain cause convulsions. These sudden changes in your brain’s activity may lead to violent shaking all over your body. CBD responds seizures by reducing electrical disturbances in the entire brain whenever consumed, which can have a suppressive effect on potential seizures. It will not completely solve the problem, but it may help.  

      There are many explanations for why this is a milestone in epilepsy medicine. Someone who has ever had to take (or know someone who takes) seizure medication is therefore well aware of the adverse side effects of such medications. These medications can have detrimental effects on the level of mood and strength and can even contribute to kidney disease, heart failure, or death.

      Not only that, but it may not be useful even for your cat. As previously stated, each cat has a different health system and different tolerance for various medications. But if you give your pet the right treatment with the proper dosages, you may not have seen any drop in the number of seizures your favorite pet encounters have had.  

      CBD may be a healthier, non-toxic, and, in some cases, a more effective alternative to these medicinal products. When your cat is suffering from seizures or epilepsy, consult with your local veterinarian about how CBD can help.  

      Anxiety and Depression in Cats   

      Anxiety and depression are both caused by a hormonal imbalance in the brain of the affected individual. While we commonly see these as purely human issues, cats are also susceptible to anxiety and depression symptoms.  

      Because our ECS system is responsible for controlling our mood, sleep, and appetite, the use of cannabidiol may decreases these disorders’ symptoms. It helps rebalance the patient and returns their hormones to a naturally fluctuating pace. CBD also activates the serotonin and adenosine receptors in your pet’s brain, improving its happiness in the long term.  

      Not only are CBD oils helpful in treating anxiety and depression, but they also can aid your pet with a particular mood or fear issues. For instance, if your kitty’s scared of traveling in the car with you, using CBD oil may ease its fear.   

      This way, the two of you will enjoy the trip with less tension. It is also ideal for cats who are less open to new people, or who spend much of their time hiding in the house. This activity in cats also stems from a fear of new people, noisy noises, or separation anxiety.  

      CBD oil may help alleviate the symptoms of all these issues, allowing your cat to play in and enjoy its surroundings. Giving mood modifying medications (for depression, anxiety, or agression) may cause adverse effects. On the other hand, CBD oil is a healthy and non-toxic option with little or no side effects.  

      Skin and Coat Health   

      CBD oil may enhance the health of your cat’s coat and ears. In humans, it is perfect for minimizing acne and dry skin symptoms, and these kinds of results take your pets along. You may also use other kinds of oil to add CBD oil directly to your cat’s hair and skin.  

      It may help restore their coat and make it thicker, smoother, and more polished. Also, if your cat has allergies or any other skin condition, CBD oil may help alleviate symptoms and restore them to being their usual selves.  

      Inflammatory Bowel Disease   

      When your pet has an inflammatory bowel disorder, cannabidiol may also help with that. Since this condition is caused by inflammation, due to its ability to minimize swelling and the pain it induces, CBD is useful for its treatment. It is not a cure, but if used regularly, your cat may be safe from the adverse side effects of much of this disease.  

      Side Effects of CBD Oil   

      Veterinarians usually accept that CBD has little or no adverse side effects on most animals. That said, each cat is different and can tolerate different effects of CBD oil.  

      Before adding CBD or any other new type of medication into your cat’s routine, be sure to always check with your local holistic vet.  

      Slight sedation is the most common side-effect that can occur. Although it might not be utterly apparent at first because these little friends are well-known for their tendency to napping, keep an eye on your cat’s nap schedule after the first exposure to CBD.  

      When you find your cat is less active, you can relieve the lethargic symptoms by lowering the dose you give them.  

      Other side effects might include anxiety, nausea, vomiting, or appetite changes. Those are rare and typically very mild. However, if you find any of these effects in your cat, hold off on potential dosages and check with your veterinarian before the preceding.  

      Never offer your pet CBD oil derived from a marijuana plant. The cannabis marijuana strain, though harmless enough for personal human use, is poisonous to your cat or dog. Ensure sure the oil that you are purchasing comes from a hemp plant, and never give your cat marijuana directly.