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A small puppy curiously looking at the camera.

CBD and your Pup

There is no doubt that our animals become family members. And as family members we want what is best for them. What is best for your animal may be different than what is best for other animals. Dogs can get into all sorts of trouble and, of course, different breeds have different problems. How do we help heal something that we cannot communicate with? There are all sorts of things that you can find on the internet but whether or not they work… well that depends. Trying different methods can be expensive and exhausting and who knows if that certain method would eventually harm your animal? Of course, we don’t want that and that’s where we come in. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound that could help your dog live in better wellness. Our first rule when it comes to CBD and your pup is that you speak with a veterinarian before giving your animal any of our products.  

So, should you try CBD for your dog 

CBD the small details 

The small details of what CBD is and what it is not will make or break your decision. CBD is likely not what you interpret it as. CBD is one of the 113 cannabinoids found in the Cannabis sativa plants. A cannabinoid is a compound that makes up the Cannabis sativa plants. There are several different types of the Cannabis sativa plants. One of them you have likely heard of is the marijuana plant. The marijuana plant is only legal in a handful of states here in the U.S. This is because the marijuana plant contains high amounts of the cannabinoid called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This cannabinoid causes an inebriating effect or as its more well known as a ‘high’. The states that have legalized it have legalized it for recreational as well as medical uses. There are more states that have not legalized it than have. The hemp plant, however, is another part of the Cannabis sativa family. The hemp plant contains at or lower than 0.3% of THC, which is not enough to get a person ‘high’. Hemp contains high amounts of CBD and is actually federally legal throughout the states, though it is still illegal in some states. No, CBD cannot get users high, but it does have other potential benefits. Yes, even for dogs. 

Puppy CBD 

This is likely not the first thought you had when you read about CBD. CBD, for dogs? Well, yes! It is important to note that there is still a lot of research that needs to be done just on CBD. And so, research that needs to be done surrounding CBD and dogs is far wider. Keep this in mind as you read on. Here are a few studies that we found may help you decide if CBD for your furry friend in the right choice:  

Joint health: In this study they asked dog owners that had dogs with joint health issues to give them CBD to see if there would be any improvements to their inflammation. Joint health may inflame joints and could cause some discomfort. They asked these pet owners to give their dogs CBD twice a day for four weeks consecutively. One milligram was administered for each kilogram of body weight to ensure the animal was getting the proper amount for its size (an important aspect when giving anyone CBD). The pet owners also took an online weekly assessment, before and after videos were taken of dogs doing certain movements to see the progress. After the four weeks, they found that all of the measures they had taken had significantly improved. The dogs in the study had increased mobility and because of this it is likely that CBD may assist with anti-inflammatory issues 

Promoting a sense of calm: Another study we found is not about dogs, but horses. The horses were given 50 milligrams of CBD two times a day for two weeks. These horses before the study were understood to have types of chronic discomfort or feelings of anxiousness as they used to be racing horses. At the end of the two weeks they looked at the results and found that CBD was helpful for the horses who had chronic discomfort and not all, but some of the horses had less feelings of anxiousness. Although this particular study does not have anything to do with dogs, we can guess that if CBD does this with horses, it will likely do the same with dogs.  

These are just two solid studies that we found that we hope will help you decide whether or not to use CBD. Now that you know a little more about the reasons, what are the products that we have made for your dog? How do you give them CBD? Is it safe?  

To give or not to give 

There are many different ways to give your animal CBD. The way you give them the product usually depends on how your dog reacts. Here are a few products that we found you may want to try.  

Softgels: this type of CBD is in pill form. The capsule is filled with CBD oil. These are easy to administer by putting them in treats or if your dog allows it, directly into their mouths. You can also cut off the tip and apply the CBD oil directly into the jowls. This will act the fastest.  

Tinctures: Tinctures come in all sorts of spectrums and are easy to add to your dog’s favorite treat. This is the fastest way to get CBD into your dog’s system, by putting the tincture directly into the jowls.  

Creams: CBD creams are often used on areas that a skin condition may lie or a joint that seems to be causing issues. Creams are best used often and liberally. We have a cream specifically made for felines. 

To give or not give your dog CBD is up to you and only you! Well, with the guidance of your veterinarian as well. We suggest starting with a small amount of CBD and then slowly increasing it until you see the desired effects. CBD and your pup? Yup!