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Quality in a Capsule

All the benefits only the highest quality CBD can give you condensed into one small, tasteless supplement. It’s the same exact Nature Blend CBD oil you love, only repackaged into a convenient and easy-to-take capsules. CBD capsules make it easy to keep your dosage consistent, your supply precise and your day uninterrupted.

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Easy, Effective, Excellent

Capsules are a subtle and efficient way to add CBD oil into your routine without having to take the time to measure out doses. Simply order the dosage and amount you’re looking for and add the CBD supplement into your existing routine. You can easily keep them stored in your bathroom, in your gym locker, or at your work desk! They’re a taste-free, fuss-free way to ingest CBD that fits with ease into your everyday life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between CBD oil and CBD capsules?
The main difference between the two is the method of administration. Other than that, the quality and benefits are exactly the same. CBD capsules are simply CBD oil in a capsule. As opposed to administering CBD oil under the tongue or adding it to food or beverage, capsules are swallowed and ingested as is. As a result, there is no variation in dosage, no taste, and a slightly slower time for onset of effects compared to CBD oil.
What are the benefits of CBD capsules?
Studies have demonstrated a number of different benefits of CBD. Many people take CBD supplements as a supplemental or alternative approach to managing pain, sleep, anxiety and depression. However, in order to benefit from the miraculous plant-derived compound, the CBD product itself must meet certain standards of quality and potency. Needless to say, Nature Blend’s CBD checks all the boxes.