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An orange haired cat and a small dog cuddling in the grass.

CBD Oil: Is It Safe for Animals?

Everyone wants their pets to live a happy and healthy life. However, when their medical conditions arise and exacerbate, we are confronted with a difficult decision to make; either we put our furry friend on various expensive treatments with probable side effects or just see them suffer.   

Fortunately, there is now a third option: inducing all-natural cannabidiol (CBD) oil for the treatment of your animals.   

What is CBD?   

Cannabidiol is a non-intoxicating chemical compound, extracted from a cannabis plant that interacts with the human body’s endocannabinoid system. As a result, it contributes to maintaining homeostasis in the body.  In contrast to its counterpart tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD does not render the “high” sensation.  

How is CBD given to animals?  

There is a wide range of options of CBD pet care products; you may probably know about the humans, such as edibles (capsules and chewable treats), oils, balms, and creams. Some can be topically applied, while others can also be added to your daily diet or taken sublingually. Like humans, each CBD product has a different effect on different types of pets, especially when it comes to dogs

How does CBD work on pets?  

It is still uncertain; nonetheless, scientists and researchers are still conducting studies and trials in humans. For example, dogs have an endocannabinoid system; however, whether it responds in the same manner, scientists think further experiments are still required for humans.  

Are there any medical benefits to giving your pet CBD?   

As mentioned, the research is still underway. However, a 2018 study discovered that CBD could contribute to increased comfort and energy in dogs suffering from osteoarthritis. The next year, another study indicated CBD to help decrease the frequency of seizures in epileptic dogs. Although these studies were adequately conducted, but they were still in preliminary stages.   

Scientists and researchers are optimistic about CBD usage for the treatment of osteoarthritis in cats and dogs, post-operative pain, and epilepsy. It will definitely take its due time before we know the full effects of CBD. Therefore, it is better to consult with your veterinarian before administering your pet with CBD

Is CBD safe for animals?  

CBD, in its purest form, seems to be perfectly safe to use and is well-tolerated by animals, as per the report of the World Health Organization (WHO). However, both studies on dogs mentioned above indicated a sudden rise in the liver enzyme alkaline phosphatase (ALP) while administering CBD.  

Researchers showed concern in giving CBD to dogs who are having liver issues. Therefore, consult with a vet about your dog’s liver condition because CBD seems to be metabolized by the liver.   

Moreover, another thing to be wary of is the quality of CBD. Since CBD is new to the market and thus, it is not well regulated, they could include components that are not even mentioned on their labels such as THC, which is highly dangerous for animals.  

One way to prevent buying CBD with dangerous chemical ingredients is to look for a certificate of analysis or COA. The COA batch number should match the number labeled on the product’s packaging. A COA is only issued to those products that are tested independently to verify their potency, ingredients, and various other things.