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A Unique Approach to CBD

What makes CBD topicals unique is that there’s no ingestion involved! Rather, topicals are applied, well—topically! While CBD is safe to ingest and poses very small risk for side effects, some people prefer not to ingest anything if they don’t absolutely need to. Topicals are a great way to experience certain benefits of CBD without having to consume it.

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How to Heal Holistically

Simply slather the solution onto your skin, whether that’s to a localized area of concern or all over. Whatever floats your boat! If you’re experiencing muscle tension or inflammation in a particular area, it makes sense to apply a topical specifically intended for pain and inflammation relief onto that particular area. If you’re looking for smoother, more hydrated skin in general, feel free to lather it on everywhere!

Frequently Asked Questions

What can CBD topicals be used for?
CBD topicals are often used to soothe aching muscles or pain related to inflammation but can provide a number of other benefits to skin health as well! Many use CBD topical products to manage acne, skin dryness and skin irritation.
What type of CBD topicals are there?
Much like any other topical product, CBD topicals come packaged in the same forms. This includes creams, lotions, salves, balms, patches, and more!
How are CBD topicals made?
Essentially, CBD topicals are made the same way other topical products are made, only with CBD oil added to the ingredient list. As a general rule of thumb, topicals will include a wax (such as beeswax or soy wax), oil/fat (such as shea butter or coconut oil), CBD oil, and other extracts for added scent and effect.