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Finding the Right CBD Gummies for You

With the increasing popularity of the CBD, you must have heard about it. After the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, sales of the CBD is expected to hit billions in 2021. Studies have shown that consuming the right and best quality CBD helps getting rid of several health problems. Nowadays, CBD comes in numerous forms, like oils, gummies, and creams.  

In this article, we discuss the efficacy of CBD gummies, so let’s begin!   

What is CBD? 

The cannabis plant, popular as marijuana or hemp, has gained fame globally. It contains 113 known cannabinoids – the two well-known cannabinoids are CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC causes a ‘high,’ while CBD is not psychoactive and offers several health benefits to its consumer. If you want to have the high-quality CBD, then make sure to get the one with CO2 extraction. It refines the cannabidiol, which contains almost low to zero THC in it.  

What are CBD Gummies?  

CBD gummies are filled with CBD oil, and consuming CBD gummies doesnt mean that CBD oil becomes less effective. Sometimes CBD gummies are labeled as edibles, but it’s often interchangeable with gummies. If you are someone who cannot swallow capsules or pills, then CBD gummies are for you. The CBD gummies are available in a variety of flavors and fun shapes.  

Individuals with gastrointestinal problems, such as Crohn’s Disease, may benefit most by using CBD gummies. These gummies are broken down in the intestinal tract, where Crohn’s causes inflammation. 

How Do CBD Gummies Work?  

People usually ask about the working of CBD gummies. The answer is that the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is present in the brain, which plays a significant part in boosting memory, controlling appetite, improving mood, and reducing pain. As signaling molecules, endocannabinoid cells play a role in telling the body’s systems what the brain wants to get done. Instructions are then forwarded to the immune system and other major body organs when the brain experiences an imbalance.  

The ECS contains two kinds of cannabinoids – phytocannabinoids and endocannabinoids. Phytocannabinoids are present in plants, like cannabis, while endocannabinoids can be found in animals. 

May Reduce the Risk of Obesity 

It has been proven that CBD promotes weight loss, lower body mass index, and smaller waist circumference. In 2011, a report was published in the American Journal of Epidemiology that showed 1/3 reduce the ratio of obesity. 

THC stimulates ghrelin production, which is responsible for consuming more calories in a day. This hormone boosts appetite and increases the metabolic rate of carbohydrates. 

study was done on rats in 2006, which suggested that CBD balances diabetes levels. It helps lose weight by boosting your body to convert white fat into eight-reducing brown fat, which results in promoting no atherogenesis mal insulin production and sugar metabolism. 

May Relieve Pain  

People have been using marijuana for centuries due to its incredible benefits. More recently, researchers and experts concluded that some substances of marijuana, including CBD, can relieve pain. The ECS is involved in maintaining several functions, like appetite, sleep, immune system response, and pain. The body develops endocannabinoids, which are neurotransmitters that bind to cannabinoid receptors in your nervous system.  

Research indicates that the CBD may be useful in lowering chronic pain by impacting the activity of the endocannabinoid receptor, reducing inflammation, and interacting with neurotransmitters. For instance, a rat study showed that CBD injections decreased pain response to surgical incision. In contrast, another rat study found that oral treatment of the CBD lowered inflammation and sciatic nerve pain noticeably.  

Could Lower Risk of Cardiovascular Disease 

Most western nations are widely affected by atherosclerosis, which leads to strokes or other heart problems. This chronic condition is linked with a healthy lifestyle and includes the progressive depositing of immune cells that carry oxidized LDL, called atherosclerosis plaques. It is usually a physical response to injuries in the wall lining of arteries caused due to high blood pressure, infectious microbes, or the unwanted presence of amino acid, homocysteine. Research suggests that inflammatory molecules may stimulate a cycle that leads to atherosclerosis lesions. 

An animal trial was done in 2005, and it was noticed that oral use of CBD slowed down the progression of atherosclerosis. Later, it was suggested that cannabinoids are potentially therapeutic for atherosclerosis conditions. In 2007, another animal study occurred and showed that CBD protects the heart from having heart attacks. 

Might Reduce Insomnia  

Some researches show that taking a high dosage of CBD may help fall asleep.   

One study showed a CBD dosage of 160mg improved the length of the sleep relative to the placebo. The researchers have found that placebo, anxiety drug nitrazepam 5 mg and CBD 40, 80, and 160 mg helped the participants fall asleep. 

Cortisol levels, the stress hormone, usually increase in the morning, but nightly, people with insomnia may have elevated levels of cortisol. Despite insomnia, having elevated levels of cortisol at night is associated with growing nightmares during sleep. 

Researchers observed in one review of the effects of CBD that cortisol levels decreased more dramatically when individuals took 300 or 600 mg of CBD oil. Such findings indicate that CBD causes cortisol release and can act as a sedative. 

In a recent study of sleep and CBD, it was recruited that 103 participants who were depressed or sleeping poorly. The authors observed the effects of CBD in conjunction with those of other approved medicines. 

The dosages of CBD ranged from 25–175 mg. It was concluded that 25 mg was the most effective dose for anxiety, and higher dosages were required to treat disturbed sleep. 

The authors followed up with the participants regularly during the three-month analysis. 66.7% reported an increase in sleep at the first follow-up, but 25% had made sleep worse. A second, 56.1% of participants reported better sleep, but rest had deteriorated by 26.8%. 

Other Potential Advantages  

Apart from the mentioned-above benefits, the CBD offers some other potential advantages as well.  

Substance Abuse Treatment  

The CBD modifies circuits in the brain linked to drug addiction. In a rat study, the naturally occurring compound reduced morphine dependence and heroin-seeking behavior.  

Antipsychotic Effects  

Scientists state that the CBD helps treat schizophrenia and other mental health problems by lowering psychotic symptoms.  

Diabetes Prevention  

The CBD treated diabetic mice in a study, which reduced the incidence of diabetes by 56% and lowered inflammation significantly.  

Risk Factors of Using CBD  

According to the researches, CBD is a well-tolerated therapeutic agent.  

Many people make use of CBD for fatigue and mental sedation, but researchers suggest this could be linked to the dose. 

In a broad retrospective study, taking 10–400 mg of CBD a day over a long period and by various routes had no toxic effect on participants. Even doses of up to 1,500 mg daily have been well-tolerated, other researchers say. 

Further research will be required to decide whether there are long-term risks of CBD use. 

So far, there have been no cases of fatal CBD overdoses. Some researchers may be concerned about the misuse of CBD, but there is limited information on significant complications. 

One study indicates that in people with schizophrenia, dosages of 400–700 mg of CBD, which are considered high, may worsen cognitive impairment. However, the combination of CBD and THC will boost cognition. 

Researchers do report that CBD may cause other adverse effects, such as: 

  • Inhibition of drug metabolism in the liver  
  • Alterations of cell viability, in studies conducted in cell cultures  
  • Reduced capacity for fertilization 
  • Low activity of P-glycoprotein and other drug transporters  

    If such effects are confirmed on drug metabolism and transportation, it may suggest that CBD interferes with other medicines. More work is required, on the whole. 

    Even someone who wants to use CBD to speak to a health care provider first is a smart idea. 

    Where to Buy CBD? 

    If you are looking for the original and best quality CBD product, there are several platforms you can entirely rely on. They offer CO2 extracted, 100% natural, and non-GMO CBD products to every client – all you have to do is look for the right manufacturer.