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A cat majestically posing for a photo.

How Can I Give My Cat CBD?

Talk to any cat owner and chances are they are going to rant about the picky side of their cats appetite. If you feel that your cats choosy behavior is taking a toll on its health, then CBD could be your answer. CBD, also known as cannabinol, is an active component of cannabis; however, it does not exhibit any psychoactive properties. It is gaining tremendous fame these days for its potential positive impact on your cats healthiness and wellbeing. No matter your cats breed, size, or age, getting them accustomed to regular intake of CBD could be beneficial for both of you. But cats are the fussiest eaters you will ever see. Luckily, there are still some techniques to feed CBD oil to your cat. Let’s talk about some of our secret tips addressing how you can give CBD to your cats.  

Four methods to give CBD oil to your cat 

Here are a few methods of giving CBD oil to your cat: 

  • Direct feeding

This is the easiest method to feed CBD oil to a cat. All you need to do is take a couple of drops of CBD oil into a dropper and put it in front of your cat. Give your cat some time to explore the item just presented to her. Hopefully, it will like it after licking the dropper. If it does, you can complete the dose right away. However, if it shows dislike, then you got to be a bit more patient.

Measure out a dose of CBD oil, and put it on a dish. Now, grab a nice, comfy spot and place your cat facing opposite your direction. Wrap your cat in a towel, providing it some extra ease. Pet your cat with one hand and help it relax. When you feel that the cat has become calm, grab the dropper. Slightly lift your cats head by the jaw and spritz some drops into its mouth by placing the dropper in its mouth. Allow your cat to swallow it slowly. Remember, staying patient here is the key. You dont want to annoy your fur baby. 

  • Trick your cat by adding CBD oil to cat food.In most cases, direct feeding CBD to a cat is one major task. This is where you start seeking ways to double-cross it. Here are the simple steps you can follow
    • Just prepare your cats food as usual. 
    • Measure out its CBD dose and scatter it evenly on the top of the meal. 
    • Food can either be dry or wet; you just need to mix it well and serve.
  • Try some CBD cat treats

Are you busy person looking for a quick and effective way to feed CBD to your cat? CBD treats are a nice catch for all those who want to give their cat a healthy treat. However, you should read all the ingredients thoroughly before grabbing a CBD treat from the store. Make sure that there are no processed, unhealthy ingredients or any artificial flavors or glutens. Rest assured, there is a great chance that your cat will fall in love with the new treat. 

  • Serve CBD oil in an empty feeding dish 

Your cat loves its feeding dish, and you know that. So just grab its feeding dish and put some cats CBD oil in it. Your cat will instantly be tempted towards its well-known dish, filled with mouth-watering food aromas, and most probably, end up consuming whatever you offer it to it. 

Why should you give CBD to your cat? 

Lets have a look at some potential benefits CBD may have on its health. 

  • May reduce your cats stress 

Cats also suffer from anxiety issues, and a study suggests that CBD may help reduce the anxiety levels of stress that your cat might be facing. It basically moderates the production of cortisol, a stress hormone.  

  • May improve your cats appetite 

If you are noticing a sudden loss of appetite in your cat, CBD may significantly help you deal with your cats eating habits.  Research suggests that CBD may improve a cats appetite by finding relief from issues like bowel inflammation, hormonal imbalance, and stress or mood disorders. 

  • Dealing with Cat-itude   

If you want to deal with your cats grumpy behavior or bad attitude problems, then according to research, CBD may significantly help you treat the root causes of a cats bad attitude like stress or unhealthiness. In addition, CBD may also help sustain the homeostasis in the body by moderating the production of hormones and interacting with the brain receptors regulating mood levels.  

CBD may have numerous other benefits on a cats health, such as potentially reducing the severity level epileptic seizures among catspotentially treating catarthritis, and multiple other health issues. 

Final word 

Cats are the loveliest buddies and beautiful creatures. Here we shared some methods in which your cat can happily intake top notch CBD, a compound that may significantly improve its health. For humans, if you’re curious, look into MCT oil and CBD.