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How should I use CBD?

One thing that you may not know about CBD is that it is extremely versatile. There are many products that you can use in many different ways. Generally, they all stay in the same type of category. Antibacterial products generally stay in the category of cleaning. Clothing stays in the textile department. You get the picture, but CBD? CBD has a way of going across all types of categories. It even makes its way into categories that you may not be aware of. Once you understand all the ways that CBD can be used you can then choose where you would like CBD in your own life. The health and wellness world is bustling with different types of products that may enhance your life. Before we get into the many different uses of CBD, we need to ensure that you are aware of what CBD actually is. CBD has been involved in many different misconceptions and we need to make sure that those are debunked. So, continue to know how you should use CBD. 

Defining CBD 

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the 113 cannabinoids found in a plant called Cannabis sativa. A cannabinoid is a fancy word for a chemical compound. The Cannabis sativa plant contains many of these cannabinoids and CBD is just one of them. Cannabis sativa comes in a variety of different forms. There are two forms that you are likely aware of. The hemp plant and he marijuana plant. The marijuana plant is the one that you may know more about as it is in the news often. The marijuana plant contains CBD as well as the other cannabinoids. The cannabinoid that is the most popular when it comes to the marijuana plant is THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is the cannabinoid that is responsible for the ‘high’ or psychoactive effect that you have heard of. THC comes in high amounts in the marijuana plant and because of this the marijuana plant is not legal in many parts of the world. Hemp, however, contains THC but at a much lower concentration than marijuana. At or lower than 0.3% is where the THC content is at and at this lower percentage, it cannot cause the psychoactive effect that marijuana plants. Hemp has very high amounts of CBD and therefore is more legal than marijuana. Hemp and CBD have been made into many different products for many different uses. The way that you use CBD will then depend on the product that you choose.  

CBD uses: which will you choose?  

There are many different CBD uses. Some of these ways are not researched and therefore should be looked at intently. We here at Nature Blend would never have you use CBD for a reason that has not been researched. The reasons that we will list below have been researched to ensure that they may be able to help with you. Without further ado, here are some CBD uses that you may want to try: 

Skincare improvement: Skincare is something that we all learn about during adolescent years. Generally, it starts with acne, but as we age, we use skin care products to help our skin stay as nice looking as possible. So, what does this have to do with CBD?  This study asked people who had scarring from more common skin conditions to use a CBD ointment to look at how their scarring reacts to the CBD. The people used the CBD topical twice a day for three months. The results of the study showed that the look and feel of the scarring caused by the common skin conditions had improved. CBD comes in many different topical forms, including ointments for scarring or lotions for general skin care.  

Release feelings of anxiety: Feeling anxiety in any form can really hinder your daily life. There are many ways to release the feelings that anxiety gives. There are different exercises, and if it comes to it, medication that would need to be prescribed by a doctor. Perhaps you are looking for a more holistic option? Look no further, CBD is here to help! In this study researchers looked at brain scans from those who have SAD (social anxiety disorder) before and after different tests. This is a disorder that harshens people’s anxiety in social situations. The tests were linked to different social situations to ensure that their SAD would be present. The people who were given the CBD showed a release in their social anxiety disorder symptoms during the tests. The people who didn’t receive the CBD remain the same as before the tests or there was no elevation of their symptoms. With so many different types of anti-anxiety applications it is nice to know that a more natural version is available. If you are already taking a medication to reduce anxiety, do not stop and begin the use of CBD. Ask your doctor if it is right for you.  

May lower inflammation:  Inflammation can also hinder a person’s daily life. It can be frustrating and uncomfortable. There are many things that cause inflammation and many ways to get rid of said inflammation. CBD? Well, that may be one of them. According to this study, owners of dogs were asked to give a CBD product to their dogs. These owners were told that their dogs had osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis inflames joints and makes it more difficult for dogs to move around (this is the same with humans).  The owners were asked to give CBD to their dogs two times a day for four weeks. They were also asked to take weekly questionnaires to show if anything had gotten improved, declined, or if their symptoms had stayed the same. At the end of the study the results showed that the animals were beginning to be more mobile. We can infer that because of the use of a CBD that the inflammation in the dog’s joints may have decreased.   

Medication prescribed: The FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) has approved medications that use CBD as an important and key ingredient. Epidiolex is one of the first to come out. This particular medication assists those with two different severe types of epilepsy. These two syndromes cause rough seizures. They are called Lennox-Gastaut and Dravet syndrome. Epidiolex helps stop and maintain these rough seizures. It can only be prescribed by a healthcare professional after diagnosis. There are other types of medications that use synthetic types of CBD MCT oil. Be sure to ask your doctor about different options for you.  

There are many options available as to how you should use CBD. How will you use CBD for sale?