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A dropper of MCT carried CBD oil being held above its bottle with cannabis leaves in the background.

MCT and CBD Oil: How Do They Go Together?

If you are a natural health product enthusiast, then you must go for CBD MCT oil. It is a mixture of CBD and MCT, two organic elements that offer may several health benefits when combined together. In this article, we discuss how these compounds go along well.  

What is CBD?  

One of the primary cannabinoids of the Cannabis sativa plant is cannabidiol (CBD). Unlike its cousin, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD has no intoxicating effects meaning that it does not get you high. After the passing of the Farm Bill in 2018, the consumption of CBD became legal in most of the 50 states of America. CBD is a popular compound that may help treat numerous health conditions like anxiety, depression, insomnia, pain, and inflammation. Given CBD’s increased popularity, it is available in several forms, including lotions, tinctures, candies, creams, and gummies. So, CBD consumers can enjoy it in multiple ways.  

What is MCT Oil?  

MCT (Medium-chain Triglycerides) is a man-made saturated fatty acid. Pure MCT is prepared in the lab by combining medium-chain triglycerides extracted from palm oil or coconut oil. Both palm oil and coconut oil are consumed in the process as they contain MCT and long-chain triglycerides (LCT) 

It is essential to know that MCTs are more potent than LCTs. MCTs contain 6-12 carbon atoms and have four major types, including:  

  • C6: hexanoic acid or caproic acid 
  • C8: octanoic acid or caprylic acid 
  • C10: decanoic acid or capric acid 
  • C12: dodecanoic acid or lauric acid 

    The lengths of both LCTs and MCTs are directly proportional to the number of carbon molecules that are attached. MCTs are more effective as they contain 6-12 carbon molecules; therefore, they are digested quickly and are a cleaner source of energy for the body. It provides enough power to the body without adding any unnecessary processed or sugar ingredients. On the other hand, LCTs consist of 12-14 carbon molecules. Therefore, they take longer to digest and are stored as fat during the metabolization. People prefer to use MCTs as they are easily digestible and may be beneficial for one’s health.  

    Role of MCT Oils in CBD Products  

    Most people prefer to use CBD in pills form as it is the easiest consumption method, but it is not the most effective. That’s because the CBD compound must pass through the liver and digestive system before entering into the bloodstream. Therefore, CBD takes longer to get absorbed, and there may be less amount of the compound left during the digestive process. When taken CBD supplement, the ingredients are absorbed into the digestive system, and the compounds break down into the stomach are absorbed by the small intestine before finally making it to the liver. The liver is the part where you typically lose CBD, and only 4% to 20% of CBD will reach the bloodstream.  

    That’s when MCT oil comes to the rescue. The MCT oil works as a carrier oil for CBD so that more of the compound can be absorbed into the bloodstream. The carrier oil helps CBD avoid metabolizing quickly, so more CBD can reach the bloodstream. As CBD is a fat-soluble compound, it is highly beneficial when consumed with saturated fats, like MCT oil. In simple words, MCT lets a higher concentration of CBD to be absorbed into the bloodstream so it can start working faster.  

    Health Benefits of CBD MCT Oil  

    May Boost Energy   

    CBD MCT oil is a more potent compound that can easily be absorbed into the digestive system. Since it doesn’t have to break down, it may help provide a rich source of immediate energy. 

    May Reduce Pain  

    A human body is healthy when all the bodily functions are performed regularly, including the immune system and sleep. CBD MCT oil may help decrease chronic pain associated with the endocannabinoid receptors in the nervous system that controls pain relief. 

    May Decrease Anxiety and Depression  

    People use pharmaceutical drugs to reduce anxiety and depression; however, it is not always safe for everyone as these medicines can cause side effects. CBD MCT oil, on the other hand, could be a potent natural option for treating depression, anxiety, insomnia, and improving mood swings.  

    Control Sugar Levels  

    Diabetic individuals may benefit from CBD MCT oil as it may help reduce fat storage by burning fat quickly. It may be useful for people with type 2 diabetes as CBD MCT oil may help balance insulin levels and weight.  

    Side Effects of CBD MCT oil 

    Thankfully, no adverse side effects or negative interactions have been reported; however, some minor side effects may occur after using CBD MCT oil. These side effects may include: 

    • Diarrhea 
    • Nausea 
    • Upset stomach 
    • Vomiting  

      Where to Buy CBD?  

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      Last Word 

      MCT oil is generally considered to be safe and potentially provides a ton of benefits; that’s why it is becoming the base ingredient in CBD oil. Before you start using MCT CBD oil, be sure to consult with your doctor to find out if it is safe for you. Also, don’t buy cheap, low-grade MCT oil because it may contain elements that aren’t particularly beneficial for your health.