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A woman rubbing a CBD skin care product into her face.

Skin Care: CBD Edition

In the world of holistic health there are sure to be some hits and misses. Some of those hits may be felt by everyone and other times it may just not work for you. There is no room for chemical forward products in this holistic realm. So, what do we use instead? Here at Nature Blend, we use what we know, which is, cannabidiol (CBD). What is CBD, you may ask? We will get into that later. Because we understand and use CBD, we have made a product that may assist with the largest organ in the body. That’s right, the skin! It can be tough to find the right product that works just right for your skin. Perhaps CBD will be the product that is just right. Can CBD help make your skin glow? Read on to learn more. 

CBD: what is that?  

CBD is nothing new, but its popularity has been rising for years and continues. CBD is one of the 113 cannabinoids found in the Cannabis sativa plant family. The Cannabis sativa plant is a family like any other plant, but also quite different. A cannabinoid is a compound that makes up the Cannabis sativa plants, and CBD is just one of the many. CBD has a very popular brother called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). You guessed it; this is the cannabinoid that causes the ‘high’ you have likely heard of. THC is found in all Cannabis sativa plants, however, in some variations the amount is so miniscule that there are no inebriating effects. This variation is called the hemp plant. The hemp plant contains at or lower than 0.3% of THC. This amount of THC cannot get a user that feeling of euphoria and because of this fact the hemp plant is federally legal throughout the states. Another variation that you may have heard of, the marijuana plant, is a bit different than the hemp plant. Marijuana contains high amounts of THC and therefore has not gained federal legality. It has, however, been declared legal in a handful of states for medicinal purposes and recreational purposes.  

If CBD cannot get you ‘high’ what do people use it for? Great question. We’ve got the answers. 

CBD and your skin 

Maintaining healthy skin can be difficult for a lot of people. There are pills and lotions and masks that may or may not work for your specific skin issue. What does CBD have to do with that? Well, many companies, including us, have made what we call CBD topicals. These CBD topicals are made with your skin and the potential benefits of CBD in mind. CBD topicals come in many different products. Lotions, salves, creams and even hand sanitizer (this one is for antibacterial purposes of course). But how do we know that CBD lotions may help improve your skin health?  

This study had 20 patients who had a skin condition use a CBD ointment on their scars caused by the skin condition use the product twice a day for three months. Before and after the three months photos were taken to watch the progress and at the end of the three months, they concluded that CBD may have helped the skin parameters. This is great news! Although the research is slim on CBD in general, studies like these may help you decide whether or not CBD is right for you and now, for your skin.  

So, what CBD topicals do we carry?  

  • Transform THC-Free CBD Face Cream  
  • CBD Moisturizing Cream 
  • Soothe CBD Salve 
  • CBD Pain Relief Cooling Patches 
  • CBD Pain Relief Heating Patches 
  • CBD Full Spectrum Cooling Stick 
  • CBD Full Spectrum Heating Stick 
  • CBD K-Tape 
  • CBD Hand Sanitizer 

That is a lot of different CBD topicals, we know, but that just means you can gear it toward your specific needs. If you are looking for an all over skin health improvement, our CBD Moisturizing Cream would be your best pick. Or perhaps you are an athlete who has trouble with a specific area then we’d suggest using the CBD Pain Relief patches or sticks (cooling, heating, or both). It may be difficult to make a decision and we are here to help. Click here to shop our CBD and find the topical or topicals that are just right for you. 

Now that we have skin health out of the way, what are some other reasons people choose to use CBD? Are they reputable?  

CBD and everything else 

Besides potentially helping the health of your skin, there are many other reasons that people use CBD. There is still so much research that is being played out that we have chosen a handful of more popular reasons to show you how else people use CBD.  

  • Promote a sense of calm: Giving a sense of calm in those who have feelings of anxiousness could be helpful to many. In this study, they used brain scanning to exam subjects who have SAD (social anxiety disorder). Those who were given CBD showed a decrease in their social anxiety disorder. Those who didn’t receive the CBD did not have any decrease and remained the same.   
  • FDA approved medications: There are quite a few FDA approved medications that contain CBD. Epidiolex is the most well-known. This medication assists those with two severe types of epilepsy, Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome. There are also a few others that assist those going through anti-cancer treatments and the nausea it often causes. They are called Marinol (dronabinol), Syndros (dronabinol), and Cesamet (nabilone).  
  • Anti-inflammatory properties: CBD has been researched for the possibility of joint health benefits. In this study the researchers looked at dogs who are older and have joint health issues. During the studythey asked dog owners to administer CBD to their dogs two times a day for four consecutive weeks. The owners were to take a weekly test to show if anything had improved. At the end of the four weeks pet owners described their dogs to be more mobile. Therefore, the CBD may have helped with their joint health. 

Again, there are many reasons that CBD is being used and we’re sure that there will be many to come. How will you use your CBD?