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What CBD products are good for pain?

Out of all the extensive CBD-derived products, CBD topicals and CBD oils are among the most popular and are commonly used to help treat pain. This blog will give an insight into how good these products may be for relieving pain. 

What’s CBD? 

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the non-psychoactive cannabinoid of the cannabis plant, unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which intoxicates. Research suggests that CBD has plentiful therapeutic properties. Relieving pain is one of the most prominent. Physical health is a vital factor in your body maintenance. Chronic pains can be a hurdle to maintain a good lifestyle. If you wish to maintain your physical health and avoid any harsh medications to relieve pain, then CBD products may just be the option for you. 

CBD Products 

Out of all the CBD products available in the market, CBD topicals and CBD oil are the most popular curatives to treat painrelated problems. 

CBD topicals 

CBD topicals are products that are applied directly to the skin. These products are known to work through the problem after getting absorbed. Topicals mainly include creams, ointments, gels, balms and lubes. Topicals are considered to be the best option for pain management and anti-inflammatory. CBD topicals are the safest of all since they don’t enter the bloodstream by any means, causing no side effects from the CBD. 

CBD oil 

CBD oil is the most common and efficient of CBD products and can be used according to the consumer’s convenience. CBD oil is usually a blend of CBD extracts with carrier oils, coconut, olive, or hemp oil. People often use it sublingually, topically, or may even ingest it through edibles and drinkables. 

Ways to use CBD oil 

Since CBD oil gives you the edge of using it conveniently, here are a few ways you can benefit from CBD oil your own way: 

Through Edibles 

One of the most effective ways of consuming CBD oil is through digestive methods. You always have the option to mix the oil in your edibles or drinks. The digestive method takes two to four hours to show its effectiveness. Several restaurants are now offering CBD infused foods. Another discreet method to use CBD is through CBD gummies. 

Topical method 

As mentioned above, CBD oil and other topicals products are meant to apply to the skin directly. You need to drop a few drops of oil into your palm and massage through the painful area. Using CBD oil through the topical method is the safest way to use CBD. There is no limitation of dosage when CBD is applied topically. 


The sublingual method involves dropping a few drops of CBD oil under your skin, where it gets absorbed through the mucous glands under the tongue. The product is kept inside the mouth while it gets diffused into the blood. 

CBD vapes and E-cigarettes 

CBD vapes and e-cigarettes are the most effective and rapid methods to consume CBD oil. When CBD is inhaled, it immediately diffuses into the bloodstream through respiration. However, vapes are not a highly recommended method since it may cause serious harm to the lungs. 

How does CBD help with pain? 

Now that you have come across some prominent CBD products available for pain management. Let’s have a look at how they actually work to do. 

How it relieves chronic pain 

According to published research by the Bentham Science Publishers 

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) receptors and helps relieve chronic pain. The cannabinoid and receptor coordination helps maintain homeostasis, the natural balance of the body systems. CBD may also help to regulate vital body functions, including: 

  • Stress 
  • Moods 
  • Sleep 
  • Memory 
  • Appetite 
  • Metabolism 
  • Immunity 
  • Pain 
  • Inflammation 

      CBD reacts with the cannabinoids receptors of the endocannabinoid system, which belongs to the G protein-coupled. These receptors are responsible for receiving chemical signals from different stimuli. CBD helps these receptors to respond more effectively to regulate stimuli and cell signals. This activation helps the cells to release anti-inflammatory and painrelieving effects that aids in pain management. According to a review by the Frontiers in Pharmacology, CBD may relieve three kinds of major pains: neuropathic, fibromyalgia, and cancer-related pains. Having no harmful adverse effects. 

      Because it relieves arthritis pain 

      According to a studya regular and adequate dose of CBD may help relieve arthritis pain. CBD is the most effective alternative of medication when it comes to treating arthritis pains. During the study, the researchers used four different doses of CBD gel on rats; the doses varied from 0.6 mg, 3.1 mg, 6.2 mg, and 62.3 mg. The same dose was applied to the same rat for four days. The 6.2 mg dose was the most effective for reducing arthritis pain and reduced swelling and inflammation; the 62.3 mg dose provided the same effects.  

      Because it relieves migraine pain  

      CBD’s effect on migraine is the most underrated study in CBD research. The most recent study to learn about CBD’s effectiveness on migraine is conducted by the European Academy of Neurology. This concludes that the combination of CBD and THC may effectively reduce the intensity of chronic pains in migraine. 

      Side effects of CBD 

      Even the World Health Organization suggests that CBD is safe. They also suggest that it doesnt have a risk of addiction and does not cause any severe side effects. This means that if you are using high-quality CBD products, then you wont experience any side effects. In some cases, a few people do experience side effects, including: 

      • Weakness  
      • Lethargy 
      • Drowsiness 
      • Sedation 
      • Dry mouth 
      • Fatigue 
      • Nausea 
      • Changes in weight and appetite 
      • Negative reaction with prescription medication 

          Conclusive Statement 

          There are several CBD products that are considered to be effective for relieving different types of pain. Before using CBD, be sure to consult with a healthcare specialist, especially if you are taking medicine. When buying a CBD product, make sure that it is tested and approved by an independent lab. Also, dont go overboard with the product; properly dose your intake to reduce the risk of unwanted effects.