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A cat playfully laying on its back.

What could CBD do for cats?

There is no doubt that fur parents are always worried about their pets health. Many are ready to try and test each and everything that might work in favor of their pet. Cat owners are no exception. That being said, CBD has the potential to help improve the health of your pet. 

Now, you might wonder, what could CBD do for cats? Are the benefits of CBD really supported by scientific studies? If you really want to dig into the details, then keep scrolling. Lets first understand the basics. 

What is CBD? 

CBD, one of the 113 cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, is an active agent of cannabis. Cannabinoids interact with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) of mammals like felines, cats, dogs, and humans to improve their health. Its not a psychoactive compound, making it more popular among pet owners who want to improve their pet’s health without drugging them. 

Cannabinoids and ECS 

The ECS is basically a central signaling board for regulating all the physiological and biological processes in a mammalian body. There are two cannabinoids in the human body, namely CB1 and CB2. CBD, reacts with these receptors, causing an ECS response. CBD can activate or deactivate some ECS compounds, thus managing to help relieve pain and other problems. 

Benefits of CBD on a cats health 

Cat arthritis 

According to a study held in 2011, 61% of cats experience arthritis, at least in one joint. 82% of the cats that are age 14 years or older also show arthritis problems. Due to arthritis, they face mobility problems, consistent pain, and other irritable health issues that can make them feel tired and unwell 24/7. 

The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD may help to reduce the spread of inflammation in a cat‘s body. Research suggests that CBD may decrease the intensity of pain suffered by a cat by desensitizing the brains vanilloid receptors. 

Cat stress 

Sometimes, we feel that our cat is extremely unhappy, and this unhappiness becomes clearly evident in its behavior. All cat owners should know that a cats unhappy mood is not something that happens all of a sudden. Certain elements, like health issues, relationship issues, or other irregularities, can make your cat go crazy all the time. If you are really serious about making your cat feel better, give this study from 2016 a good read. Many times, cat owners ignore the severity of the situation when their cat seems to be in a pitiful mood. According to studies, CBD may help you reduce the anxiety and stress experienced by a cat by moderating the cortisol production in their bodies. 

Eating habits of cat 

Cats can sometimes adopt really poor eating habits. These irregular eating patterns can potentially make them fall prey to numerous health issues. Loss of appetite is the most common problem cat owners notice in their fur-buddies. This problem is caused by multiple issues such as dental problems, mood, etcAlways remember that when your cat starts to eat less, it is unwell. According to research, CBD intake may significantly improve your cats appetite. 

Catitude problems 

Although cats are adorable little connoisseurs of comfort, they can sometimes become the most rebellious and outgoing babies. Cat, however, never show attitude without any reason. The reasons can range from low energy levels to hormone imbalance. Research suggests CBD may troubleshoot all the root problems that negatively impact your cats behavior. Moreover, CBD may also help to moderate hormone production and interact with brain receptors that regulate mood, thus maintaining homeostasis in the body.  

Epileptic Seizures 

A lot of cats experience epilepsy and go through seizures at varying levels of severity. Seizures are a health issue caused by the abnormal level of electrochemical activity in the brain, usually caused by brain damage. According to a study held in 2015 by the American Epilepsy Society, there was reduction rate in the severity levels as impacted by CBD is 45.1%.   

How to choose appropriate CBD for cats 

The first and foremost thing you need to consider before grabbing a CBD product for your cat is its plant source. It is best to go with CBD derived from hemp source because it reduces the risk of a drug containing psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) 

Pay attention to the following elements: 

NASC Seal 

Make sure your CBD product has a stamp of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC). All the reputable brands have that seal. 

Independent research 

Always check that your selected CBD items are independently researched. The test results from the laboratory will tell you the amount of CBD and THC the product contains.   


Some products are beneficial for humans but not for animals and pets. Always make sure that the product only contains the ingredients that are safe for your health. 

Side effects of CBD you should know  

Even though CBD is beneficial for cats, everything has its side effects, and CBD is no exception.  

Dry mouth 

CBD can reduce the production of saliva, due to which your cat might feel thirsty. If you want to avoid this situation, then keep your cat hydrated at all times.  


Since CBD exhibit calming properties, it can also make your cat feel drowsy. There is nothing to worry about here. You just need to be careful about the amount of CBD dose you are giving to your cat daily. 

We hope this blog helped you to gain knowledge about what CBD could do to your cats. If you know anything else, dont forget to share it with us in the comments section below. So, is CBD safe for cats? Yes, but be mindful of its potential side effects.