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What is CBD? Can it improve my wellness?

Health and wellness products are all the rage right now. They have been for quite some time. However, the products that are getting the most highlights are the products that are holistic and natural. Why is this? Well, more natural products have been described to be potentially better than other products. One of the products or ingredients in these products that you may have heard of is CBD. CBD is naturally found and comes in many different forms. But what even is natural CBD? Can it really help improve your wellness? Like most holistic wellness products, there is a large question mark over them. This is because research is a bit more difficult to find than that of products that are made by bigger industries. But just because they are hard to find does not mean that they aren’t there. We here at Nature Blend want to ensure that you are well informed about CBD and how it may be beneficial to your wellness. Let us start off with some definitions.  

To begin: definitions 

The definition of CBD can feel a little bit complicated, but we are here to help with that. CBD is short for cannabidiol. CBD is one of the 113 chemical compounds called cannabinoids that are found in the Cannabis sativa plants. Cannabis sativa is sort of an umbrella term for many different family members. The two that are most popular are the hemp plant and the marijuana plant. All of these plants are naturally found however, their chemical properties vary. Hemp contains high amounts of CBD and at or lower than 0.3% of another chemical compound (cannabinoid) called THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is the compound that gives users a ‘high’ or psychoactive feeling when used. CBD is often confused to be THC. CBD cannot give users these psychoactive effects. Another Cannabis sativa plant, marijuana, contains high amounts of THC and is able to give users the ‘high’ or ‘stoned’ feeling. These plants are similar because they contain all of the cannabinoids, but they are different in percentages. Because of the different amounts of each cannabinoid, there are differences in the legality of these plants. Marijuana is less legal in places than hemp because of the way it gets users ‘high’.  Hemp, on the other hand, is more legal as it does not do this. Be aware of what is legal where you live.  

Wellness improved 

Now that you understand what CBD is and what it is not, how can it improve your wellness? Everyone’s journey to wellness is not the same and this makes CBD all the better. Why do we say this? Because CBD uses are very versatile, and the CBD products are made in many different ways. Here are some CBD uses that you may want to give a try.  

For your skin: Believe it or not but the skin is one of the largest organs. Oftentimes skin doesn’t seem like an organ because we can see it. And because of this we sort of think of it as an afterthought. What we put on it, well, doesn’t seem to matter as much. Well, CBD may be able to put it at the forefront because in this study some folks who had scarring from more common skin conditions were directed to use a CBD topical, in this case it was an ointment, to see how their scarring did with CBD. The folks in the study used the CBD ointment twice a day for three months. The results of the study concluded that the look and feel of the scarring had improved throughout the three months. All types of topicals take while to help improve the skin, so if you choose to try CBD for your skin make sure that you are doing it often and in the same area.  

For your anxiety: Ugh, anxiety can really be a damper on your day. It may cause you to not be able to concentrate or get on with your daily routine. There are many different remedies that claim to help these feelings. Most of these claims fall short, but CBD? We may be on the right track. This study had researchers look at brain scans from those people who were diagnosed with SAD (social anxiety disorder). This is a disorder that gives anxiety in social situations. The researchers tested these folks before and after using CBD and with different tests. Each test was to enhance the feelings of their SAD. The subjects that were given the CBD showed less symptoms of their social anxiety disorder during the tests. People who were not given CBD either remained the same or their SAD was elevated. Anxiety can be difficult to control and perhaps trying a more natural method could help you.  

For your joints: Joint health is extremely underrated and can cause annoyance and pain in a person’s life. There are many medications that one could take to help elevated inflammation issues, but what about a potentially more natural method? This study may help us answer this question. In the study researchers asked pet owners to give CBD to their dogs who had been diagnosed with a joint inflammation issue called osteoarthritis. This diagnosis causes inflammation around the joints and difficulty being mobile. Owners were asked to give CBD to their dogs two times a day for four weeks. Along with giving their dogs CBD they were asked to go through a weekly questionnaire to see if anything had gotten improved, worsened, or if the dog’s symptoms had stayed the same. At the end of the study the results were that the dogs had begun to be more mobile.   

For those who need it: There have been medications that have been made that use CBD as a key ingredient. Epidiolex is one of the first to come to the forefront. This medication helps those with two difficult types of epilepsy. These two syndromes cause seizures that can really do some harm. The syndromes are named Lennox-Gastaut and Dravet syndrome. Epidiolex helps stop/maintain the seizures. It can only be prescribed by a healthcare professional after one is diagnosed with one of the syndromes.  

 What do you think? With all of these variable uses of CBD; can it help improve your wellness? CBD gummies could be a great option for you if you’re looking into trying CBD for the first time!