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What is CBD oil? Will it get me high?

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is making waves in the market these days due to the potential benefits it offers. Still, a lot of people do not know much about CBD oil, which is why we are writing this blog to answer all your questions about it.  

What is CBD? 

CBD is one of the 113 known cannabinoids of the Cannabis sativa plant, and unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), it is non-psychoactive in the sense that it wont get you high or give off a feeling of intoxication. After taking it, users may experience a feeling of calm and relaxation. This compound was first discovered in 1940 and it accounts for around 40% of the cannabis plants extract. Today, people use it for all kinds of therapeutic purposes, which well tell you about later in this blog.  

Is CBD legal? 

People often think that because marijuana is illegal throughout most of the United States, so CBD would also be illegal in those states, but that isnt right. Hemp-derived CBD containing less than or around 0.3% THC is legal in a majority of the country under the Farm Bill of 2018The legality of other forms of CBD, containing higher levels of THC, is a completely different story.  Few states that allow medicinal and recreational use of marijuana, such as Colorado or California, also allow medicinal and recreational use of CBD products containing higher levels of THC. Few states only allow medicinal use of CBD, so people will require a prescription from a certified healthcare practitioner in order to buy CBD. Without the prescription, you cant buy or keep CBD products. Other states do not allow either medicinal or recreational use of CBD. Even if you have a prescription for CBD, you cant legally buy CBD in such states.  

What is CBD oil? 

The all-star CBD oil is made by mixing CBD extract into a carrier oil like hemp or coconut. Data suggests that itcould potentially provide several therapeutic benefits to the user, including pain relief and reduced anxietyThere are three main types: 

Isolate CBD oil 

Isolate CBD oil only contains CBD and no other cannabinoids of the cannabis plant. It is well-suited for those who have low or no tolerance for THC and other components of the cannabis plant.  

Full spectrum CBD oil 

Full spectrum CBD oil contains all the cannabinoids of the cannabis plant, including THC; however, the THC levels are so low, around 0.3%, that it cant cause its trademark high effect. Low levels of THC, along with other cannabinoids and CBD, may create something called the entourage effect. In simpler terms, this effect is when all the components of the cannabis plant work together to provide a more enhanced experience to the user.  

Broad spectrum CBD oil 

The only difference between broad spectrum and full spectrum is that broad spectrum doesnt contain THC but contains all the other cannabinoids of the cannabis plant. It is best for those who have a sensitivity to THC and their metabolism cant tolerate the compound.  

How can you use CBD oil? 

There are four major ways of using it: 


In the topical application of CBD oil, you apply it directly to your skin and massage it in with your hands. In this method, the CBD doesnt enter your bloodstream, so it is unlikely to cause any adverse side effects, which is why the topical application of it is considered to be the safest. When using this method, you do not really need any additional tools, just the oil and your hands.  


In the sublingual method of using CBD oil, you put a few drops of it under your tongue using a dropper, hold them in your mouth for one or two minutes and then swallow. The sublingual method is the most popular method of using it and it is considered to be far more effective than the other methods. The dropper is usually included in the bottle of CBD oil, so you do not need any additional tools when using this method.   


Ingesting CBD oil via capsules and edibles is another popular and effective method of using it. Capsules with it are becoming increasingly popular among those who do not like the taste of CBD oil but want to experience its benefits. Edibles containing CBD oil are a delicious way of consuming CBD, these edibles are pre-made in the shape of gummies, but if you want, you can make your own edibles at home using CBD oil. Edibles provide longlasting effects but may take up to four hours to kick-in, so be sure to wait for a while after consuming an appropriate number of edibles.  


Inhaling CBD oil via vapes is one of the fastest affecting methods of CBD; however, it may not be the safest. Experts are suggesting that vapes can cause serious lung damage, which is why they are advising against its use.    

Will CBD oil get you high? 

CBD oil is made with CBD extract, which is non-psychoactive and doesnt cause a high effect. CBD isolate or CBD broad spectrum oil will not get you high because both do not contain any THC. Full spectrum CBD oil does contain low levels of THC but still cant cause the feeling of intoxication; however, it may be intoxicating to people who caneven tolerate insignificant amounts of THC. In general, CBD oil will not get you high.  

What are the benefits of CBD oil? 

Data suggests that CBD oil has the following benefits: 

Anxiety relief 

Research suggests that CBD interacts with the chemical receptors in our body and alters the way they react to different neurochemicals, including serotonin. Serotonin is a naturally occurring neurochemical that regulates our mood and contributes to our well-being, which is why it is also known as the happy chemical. By increasing the production of serotonin, CBD may help provide relief from anxiety. 

Pain relief 

CBD oil may interact with the receptors and provides anti-inflammatory effects, which in turn reduce pain. There are several studies that support the use of CBD for pain relief. CBD oil can help treat different types of pain, including chronic paininjury painmuscle painarthritis painMS pain, etc.  


In 2018, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Epidiolex, a CBD based medication to treat two rare forms of Epilepsy. Studies show that even a small dosage of CBD taken along with the traditional epilepsy treatment provides better results. More research is currently underway to find more information about using CBD to treat epileptic seizures.  


Inflammation plays a critical role in the acne outbreak and according to data, CBD may help reduce inflammation, which in turn, may prevent or reduce acne. study suggests that CBD reduce the production of sebum (an oily substance that causes acne) by regulating the sebaceous glands 

Are there any side effects of using CBD oil? 

CBD, in general, is believed to be safe by health expertswhich means that quality CBD oil is also safe to use. There are two instances in which it can cause side effects. If you are sensitive to other oils like coconut, hemp, or olive oil. Usually these are the carrier oil in it and if you have a sensitivity to these oils and they react negatively, then CBD oil will do the same. The other instance is if you are using a substandard product, its market is like the Wild West due to the current lack of regulation and there are all kinds of products available in the market that are not exactly beneficial. They may contain harmful elements, which can react negatively to your system. The side effects of CBD oil may include: 

  • Diarrhea 
  • Nausea 
  • Dizziness 
  • Changes in appetite and weight 
  • Depression 
  • Low blood pressure 

    How much CBD oil should I take? 

    There is no universal dosage of CBD oil because it works differently for everyone. Your friend might be able to benefit from ten drops of CBD oil per day, but the same dosage may not work for you. If a healthcare professional has prescribed it to you, then stick to the prescribed dosage. If you are using it without any prescription, then it is best to start with the lowest dose possible. Start a small amount of CBD oil and increase the dosage after a week if you think it is not working for you. The dosage should be increased on a weekly or bi-weekly basis because one or two days are not enough to determine if the oil is working for you. 


    CBD oil is a great product that can provide several benefits to the user; however, it works best when used appropriately. Before using CBD oil, consult with a healthcare professional to see if it is best for you and always buy quality products made by a reputable manufacturer. Also, choose a CBD oil that has been tested by an independent lab to make sure that it doesnt contain any harmful elements.