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A budding cannabis hemp plant, rich in CBD.

What is hemp usually used for?

Hemp is a globally famous as a multipurpose crop, cultivated for the production of industrial goods. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a potentially healing cannabinoid abundantly resourced from hemp. This blog will give you a detailed insight into hemp-derived products and their popular benefits. 

Knowing Hemp 

Industrial hemp, commonly known as hemp, is a plant species of the Cannabis family of plants. It is the fastest-growing plant, which was cultivated around 50,000 years ago to make fiber. Hemp is often confused with other cannabis plants, like marijuana. Contrary to all these views about hemp, it is the essential resource of therapeutic cannabinoids abundantly present in it. Hemp cannabis contains a higher concentration of CBD with little to no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), making it non-psychoactive, hence making it a potential source of wellness products. 

Hemp-Strongest Fiber producer 

Hemp is globally popular in more than 50,000 industries. Some of the major domains are: 

  • Textiles: fine fabrics, clothing, denim, diapers, handbags, shoes, threads. 
  • Industrial goods: Ropes, tarps, netting, caulking, carpeting, fibrous molded parts. 
  • Edibles: EFA food supplements, hemp-derived edible products. 
  • Paper: printing, newsprint, cardboard, packaging. 
  • Building materials: paints, varnishes, fiberboards, coating, fiberglass supplements 
  • Cosmetic and beauty products: soaps, oils, balms, creams, shampoos, acne treatments. 

    Hemp vs marijuana 

    It is important to learn about the characteristics that classify hemp and marijuana. The cannabinoid composition is the primary factor that differentiates the two from each other. Both of these cannabis plants are abundant in CBD with the variance of THC concentration. Marijuana is known to be psychoactive for higher THC concentration, while hemp contains THC not more than 0.3 % making it non-psychoactive. 

    What is CBD? 

    CBD is one out of 113 known cannabinoids of the cannabis plant. It is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid and doesn’t intoxicate the consumer. It is known to potentially calm down nerves by interacting with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), imparting a feeling of relaxation. CBD is becoming popular for its potential therapeutic properties. 

    What is hemp oil? 

    Hemp oil is the primary product directly extracted from the hemp-cannabis through different natural or chemical procedures. There is a lot of misinterpretation about hemp-oil people often confuse it with hemp-seed oil or hemp-derived CBD oil. However, hemp oil is CBD-rich oil containing less than 0.3 % THC, and the formal name for hemp oil is full spectrum CBD oil. The name fulspectrum refers to the presence of all the cannabinoids of the cannabis plant, including THC (less than 0.3 %). This combination of cannabinoids creates an entourage effect that enhances the product’s effectiveness, causing no intoxication. 

    What are the benefits of hemp oil? 

    Hemp oil or full spectrum CBD oil is known to aid the following health problems, 

    Natural painkiller 

    Many people suffer from chronic pains and inflammation, leading to serious pains in the body and wish to avoid prescribed pain killers for their side-effects. The prescribed drugs for pain-relieving are either sedating or addictive, which is very toxic for health. Studies and personal experiences are evident in how people choose high-quality hemp oil as an alternative solution to relieve pain. Full spectrum CBD oil is known to have anti-inflammatory properties that relieve pain efficiently, which means CBD pain relief may be an effective alternative. A published review by The Frontiers in Pharmacology suggests that CBD and other cannabinoids of the hemp oil may serve as effective pain management. Most of these studies are based on animals, which does not testify it to be effective for humans. However, people have experienced its effectiveness in alleviating pain by its long-term regular usage. 

    May control seizure frequency 

    CBD is known to be potentially effective in treating several conditions in epileptic patients. Epidiolex is the only CBD infused drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat rare and severe epilepsy forms. According to a Lancet Neurology study, 214 patients of epilepsy were observed after an oral administration of 2-5 mg daily dose of CBD with their prescribed anti-epileptic medication. This combined treatment effectively reduced the seizure frequency by 36.5%. The participants were monitored regularly after the dosage for 12 weeks. Only 12% of the participants were reported to deal with the side-effects.  

    May treat Acne 

    It is abundantly rich in fatty acids, beneficial for the skin and may reduce acne-causing inflammations. CBD interacts with the sebaceous glands, effectively reducing excessive sebum production. Sebum is an oily moisturizing substance produced by the skin cells. The overproduction of sebum causes the skin to break out. CBD temporarily reduces sebum production and prevents acne. A study published by the Journal of Clinical Investigation suggests that hemp-derived CBD oil may work as an acne treatment and may heal post-acne scarring. 

    May relieve muscle tension 

    Full spectrum CBD oil is highly effective in relieving muscle tension and stress. Its anti-inflammatory properties help recover from muscular strains after stress-inducing physical activities. It is often recommended for athletes and physically active people. 

    May relieve stress 

    Hemp oil may alter the limbic region‘s activity, a part of the brain responsible for the body’s fight and flight responses. This activation effectively reduces stress and anxiety. According to a Neuropsychopharmacology study, a single hemp oil dose may effectively reduce stress and calms the person suffering from abnormal anxiety episodes. 

    May support cognitive health  

    CBD oil may be an effective solution in eliminating the development of recognition deficit that usually occurs in old age, according to a study in the Journal of Alzheimer’s disease study. 

    What should be the dosage of hemp oil?  

    Hemp oil is known to affect everyone differently; hence its dosage is not predefined. It is always best to determine the dosage the works best for you. If you are using the product with an expert recommendation, try being consistent with the prescribed dosage. If you wish to try it without supervision, then start with the low dosage and increase it gradually. 

    Conclusive Statement 

    Industrial Hemp and hemp-oil are famous for their versatility. CBD products for sale are efficient wellness products for their curative and healing properties. However, hemp oil is a safe and convenient product to use. It is highly recommended to consult a health practitioner before incorporating it into your routine if you have a sensitive metabolism. Make sure to choose a high-quality CBD product to ensure it works efficiently for your particular problem.