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Which CBD product is the right one for me?

What is CBD? 

The fame and popularity of cannabidiol (CBD) products is increasing exponentially in the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetic industry, and pet industry. CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant, which is also a major source of extraction of various other compounds, but unlike most of those compounds and most importantly the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that does not exhibit high causing properties.  

Types of CBD products 

Full spectrum CBD products 

These products are made from wholeplant extract without any exception. That is to say, the hemp compounds such as cannabinoids and terpenes are also a part of full spectrum CBD products.  

Broad spectrum CBD products 

These CBD products also contain whole plant extract, but usually, THC is completely removed, and hence they get easily approved by drug testing. 

CBD Isolate products 

As the name suggests, CBD isolates only contain CBD from all other compounds found in hemp.  

A brief list of CBD products 

Here we will share some of the CBD products that you can easily benefit from: 

CBD extract 

CBD extracts is an oily substance, constituting hemp with different extraction methods containing cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other organic compounds that are highly beneficial for human health. CBD extracts come in the market with the following names: 

  • CBD oil syringe 
  • CBD oral applicator 
  • CBD distillate 
  • CBD shatter 
  • CBD wax 
  • CBD resin 
  • CBD paste 

CBD tinctures 

CBD tinctures or oils can be made from all the abovementioned types of CBD extracts. Lets have a look at some possible ways you can find CBD oils: 

  • CBD drops 
  • CBD dropper 
  • CBD oil 
  • CBD spray 
  • CBD oral spray 
  • CBD tincture 
  • CBD oil spray 

    CBD cosmetics 

    Since CBD products enhance not only outer beauty but may also have immense health benefits for our inside health, many people prefer to use CBD products for cosmetic purposes as well. You can find the following CBD products in the cosmetic industry: 

    • CBD balms (lip balm, muscle balm, beard balm, hair balm, and skin repair balm) 
    • CBD creams (acne cream, joint cream, hand cream, psoriasis cream) 
    • CBD lotion (body lotion, hair lotion, etc.) 
    • CBD salve (mustache salve, body salve etc.) 

    Other CBD products include: CBD muscle rub, CBD joint & pain rub, CBD body scrub, CBD face oil, CBD face mask, CBD face moisturizer, CBD hair shampoo, CBD hair conditioner, CBD eye serum, CBD mustache rub, CBD bath bombs, soaks and crumbles, CBD deodorant, CBD massage oil, etc.  

    CBD Edibles 

    The most fun way to consume CBD isolate (most preferably the THC free CBD edibles) is by taking edibles. CBD edibles can come in the form of CBD chocolate, CBD cookies, CBD cereal, CBD savory biscuits, CBD jelly beans, CBD honey, CBD chewing gum, CBD gummies, etc. 

    CBD products for pets 

    CBD is beneficial not only for you but also for your pets. It can be used by any mammal; therefore, whether you own a cat, a dog, or any other mammalian pet, you can feed it to them as well.  

    For pets, you can find in the following ways: 

    • CBD pet oil (with various flavors) 
    • CBD horse food 
    • CBD pet shampoo 
    • CBD cat treats 
    • CBD livestock food 
    • CBD dog treats 
    • CBD cookies for pets etc.  

      Benefits of CBD oil 

      Following is the list of ways in which CBD oil may be able to help you: 

      Pain relief 

      According to studies, CBD may significantly reduce chronic pain as well as temporary pain from the human body by interacting with the most important communication system that exists in the human body, namely ECS, or endocannabinoid system. The ECS is like a control unit of all body functions like the immune system, appetite, and pain management. The access of CBD to this network allows it to stimulate or block various compounds and relieve pain.  

      Anxiety treatment 

      Anxiety and depression are becoming increasingly common throughout the world. If you also face depression problems that CBD may be a very good product for you. Research has found, CBD may treat insomnia and anxiety issues in an effective manner.  

      Treatment of cancer symptoms 

      Cancer is a very severe disease that can cause vomiting, nausea, and other chronic pain problems. Cancer involves heavy treatments like chemotherapy, and such treatments cause a variety of issues. But fortunately, research suggests CBD may reduce such issues to a significant level.  

      Acne treatment 

      Acne is a prevalent problem that starts appearing at the age of thirteen or fourteen and then lasts unless properly treated. If you want to treat acne that you should know that findings of a study suggest CBD may be an efficient technique to get rid of acne problems as it reduces the production of oil and sebum, which is the major reason for the occurrence of acne problem.  

      Neuroprotective properties 

      Neurological disorders are mostly related to the endocannabinoid system. As we already know, CBD can interact with the endocannabinoid receptors and other signaling systems that are related to the brain; research suggests that CBD may treat neurological issues.  It may significantly prevent neurodegeneration, thus helping you to reduce the chances of seizures, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and convulsions.  

      Cardiac health 

      Heart issues are experienced by a lot of people around the globe. Several research pieces suggest that from high blood pressure to stroke, heart attacks, and metabolic syndrome, heart problems are CBD may help treat some heart health issues.  

      Some other health benefits you should know 

      • According to several studies, CBD may be used for the reduction of psychotic symptoms. 
      • Research has found that CBD may be helpful in the treatment of drug addiction. 

      All in all, CBD may be a very beneficial natural compound and using this compound, you can benefit a lot. Just make sure the quality is good, and the product is drugfree. If you’re interested, we have CBD for sale so check out our shop.