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An orange and brown striped cat sitting on a white bed.

Why do they make CBD for cats?

Keeping your cat happy is not always a cup of tea if you are a cat lover, you might know this already. The biggest woe of cat owners these days is an unhappy cat. It is quite understandable that keeping your cat happy and healthy at the same time can be an irritating task. If you are also exploring ways to keep your cat hale and hearty, then top notch CBD could be a good answer for you. 

In case you don’t know, cannabis is not only considered to be potentially beneficial for human health, but it is also gaining tremendous fame and popularity for its positive potential impacts on cat healthiness and wellbeing.  

What is CBD? 

CBD, or cannabinol, is an active ingredient of cannabis that is directly extracted from the hemp plant. This phytocannabinoid was discovered in 1940, is used for variety of purposes including health and fitness.  

The ECS and CBD 

All mammals have an internal messaging center called Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Cannabinoids interact with the cannabinoid receptors present in ECS to trigger a response. Although CBD doesn’t affect the ECS directly, it does, stimulate or block other compounds in it.  

Top 5 reasons why they make CBD for cats 

CBD may be highly beneficial for a cat’s health. Here are some of the potential benefits of CBD for cats: 

  1. Potential treatment of cats arthritis 

    A 2011 study suggests, 61% of cats aged six years or older suffer through arthritis in one joint, at least. Not only that, 82% of the 14-year-old or above cats have arthritis. This issue causes them mobility problems, persistent pain and all other symptoms that have the potential to make their daily life very difficult. While nobody can stop the clock, and pause aging, you can still take the condition in your hands. 

    With the potential anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, it may help minimize inflammation and its spread in a cat’s body. Similarly, according to research, CBD may desensitize the brain’s vanilloid receptor and decrease the level of pain experienced by the cats. 

  2. Dealing with stress and anxiety 

    Have you ever felt that your cat is in an unhappy mood? It might be a bit surprising for you to know that it’s not only you who suffer through depression and anxiety issues. According to a 2016 researchvarious problems can cause cats to stress out, for instance: 

  3. Relationship with the owner or other human beings 
  4. Health issues 
  5. Irregularities 

    Many times, the cat owners fail to understand the changing behavior of their cat and which makes the situation more severe. Studies suggest that CBD may significantly reduce the stress and anxiety levels among cats by moderating the production of cortisol (a stress hormone)

  6. Developing eating habits 

    Nobody wants their cat to become a Garfield, but it is quite obvious that cats also need to have a regular eating habit, otherwise they might fall prey to a number of diseases and health issues. The loss of appetite can be caused by various issues such as dental problems, mood-related problems, and other health conditions. Therefore, it is highly recommended that as soon as you start noticing a slight change, in your cats eating habit, try to figure out the root cause of this issue. Research suggests CBD intake may significantly improve your cat’s appetite and can possibly relieve your cat from issues like hormonal imbalance, bowel inflammation, and stress or mood disorders. 

  7. Dealing with cat’s attitude 

    Who knows it better than the cat lovers that these connoisseurs of comfort can any time become the most attitude filled creatures on earth? However, we should always keep in mind that this grumpy behavior of the cat is not something that can easily be ignored. If you really love your cat and care about its wellbeing, then you should take it seriously as attitude problems do not just occur all of a sudden. There are multiple issues that make your cat rebellious and moody, such as low energy levels, hormonal imbalance, or other problems. Research shows that CBD may help you deal with the root causes of your cat’s bad attitude like unhealthiness, anxiety, and stress. Additionally, CBD may also help maintain homeostasis in the body by moderating the hormone production and interacting with brain receptors that regulate mood levels. 

  8. Dealing with Epileptic Seizures 

    Unfortunately, many cats suffer from epilepsy and experience seizures at varying severity levels. Seizures are a health problem that occurs due to the strange level of electrochemical activity in the brain and usually caused by brain damage.  In a 2015 study, researchers from the American Epilepsy Society established the fact that CBD may have a median reduction rate of 45.1% in reducing with severity level and frequency of seizures. 

Possible side effects of CBD for cats 

There is no question that CBD is highly beneficial for cats, but it can, however, impact your cat’s health negatively. Some side effects of CBD include: 

  1. Dry mouth 

    CBD can potentially limit the production of saliva, making your cat feel thirsty at all times. 

  2. Drowsiness 

    CBD can also make your cat feel drowsy due to its calming properties. 

Final word 

Since the studies are still a bit vague, we strongly suggest you consult a vet, before making CBD a part of your cat’s diet. Although CBD and the relating information we provide is up to date, each individual’s body is unique and should be treated differently. For us humans, maybe consider CBD gummies for yourself!