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A couple walking down the street together after buying CBD.

Why has CBD become so cool?

The world is ever changing and more and different products come to the surface that you would have never thought about before. Who knew that our technology would come to self-driving cars and cell phones that will open when all you do is show your face? Everything is changing and growing, and nothing is going to stop that. This growth includes research regarding what we put into our bodies. What health and wellness products have you been introduced to that have just seemed bizarre?  What about those charcoal infused toothpastes? Or that daily dose of ashwagandha? These seemed strange at first, but after researching the benefits and seeing the benefits after using them, you were hooked! This is where CBD comes into play. CBD is one of those strange products that you have probably looked at before. There are so many different claims that you have probably heard about as well. Which is true? Can CBD really be that cool? We think so, but first, let’s start with the basics. 

A short definition of CBD 

Natural CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the 113 cannabinoids found in the Cannabis sativa plants. Cannabis sativa is found naturally and is found in a few different varieties. The Cannabis sativa plant has different family members that you may have heard of the hemp plant and the marijuana plant. These two plants contain all 113 of the chemical compounds we mentioned earlier called cannabinoids. Although both hold all of the cannabinoids, they hold them at different percentages. Hemp, for instance, contains a high percentage of CBD and 0.3% of another cannabinoid called THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol. We are sure that at some point you had CBD and THC listed as the same thing. These, however, should not be viewed as the same as they do different things. THC is the cannabinoid that causes the psychoactive effect you have heard of and likely associated with all Cannabis sativa plants or products. Because of the low percentage of THC in the hemp plant it cannot give you the ‘high’ that you know of. Another Cannabis sativa plant, the marijuana plant contains a high percentage of THC and therefore gives the psychoactive effects. These two different plants and two different cannabinoids vary in legality. More places have legalized hemp and CBD over marijuana and THC, so be aware of the rules where you live. So, why has this plant chemical gotten so cool?  

Cool CBD 

In what ways has CBD been used that are so cool? Well, one of the coolest things about CBD is its versatility. There still needs to be a lot of research regarding CBD and what it can and what it cannot do, but here are a few reasons that we deemed as ‘cool’:  

Holistic medication: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration or as most call it, the FDA has approved medication that uses CBD as one of its top ingredients. Epidiolex was the first to come out. This medication was deeply researched and tested as it helps those who are diagnosed with these severe types of epilepsy, Lennox-Gastaut or Dravet syndrome. Both of the syndromes cause rough seizures. The CBD medication helps stop and hopefully maintain the seizures. All of the medications will have to be prescribed by a doctor and there are few CBD medications in general.  

Bring calmness: Anxiety is no joke and in today’s world it is becoming more and more relevant. The remedies in which people have used to calm such feelings have stretched to many places, so why not CBD? In this study, they looked at brain scan images to study people who have been diagnosed with SAD or social anxiety disorder. SAD creates anxiety in social situations like big parties or giving a presentation. The subjects who were given the CBD showed a decrease in their SAD symptoms during the tests they were given. The subjects that were not given the CBD remained the same as they were before the tests were given. There are many ways that people have coped with anxiety. Perhaps CBD may be what you have been looking for.   

Ease inflammation: Inflammation can cause all sorts of issues in daily life. And can even cause pain and suffering. In our next study, they look at how dogs and CBD react with one another. It is important to note that the way that CBD reacts with dogs is similar to how it reacts to humans. So, CBD may help your inflammation too. A study asked dog owners to give CBD products  to their “man’s best friend” who was diagnosed with osteoarthritis, two times a day and for four weeks straight. Osteoarthritis causes inflammation in some joints and can make it painful to move around and be active (both humans and dogs can get osteoarthritis). The dog owners took a weekly questionnaire to see if anything had improved, gotten worse or stayed the same. At the end of the study they stated that the dogs were being more active than before the study. CBD may be the holistic anti-inflammatory you have been looking for. CBD and pain relief may work for you!

Skincare enhancer: The skin is the largest organ of the human body and it deserves to be treated as such. Skincare can be often overlooked and as we age it becomes more noticeable. So, let’s see what CBD can do for your skin. This study asked people who were left with scars from common skin conditions to use a CBD topical (lotion, salves, ointments), two times a day, for three months straight. After those three months of using a CBD topical they concluded that the look and feel of their scars had become better than before. You don’t need a skin condition to see the potential benefits of using CBD topicals in your skin care routine.  

CBD is still in its infancy although it has been around for many years. Keep this in mind as you look at products to purchase. The only good CBD products are high quality CBD products. Make sure that all the ingredients are listed and that there is at 0.3% or lower of THC to ensure that you are getting all of the effects of CBD and little to no THC. So, is CBD really that cool? We’ll let you find out for yourself.